AL Picks

Did the NL yesterday, so here’s my picks for my beloved American League

AL East

Red Sox

Blue Jays


Devil Rays


Ah, the AL East. I’m picking the blasted Red Sox to win. Yeah, they lost Schilling and Beckett’s back is slightly cranky but that’s not going to kill them. They have enough young pitchers to plug in Schilling’s spot, who would probably be better than him. Beckett’s loss would hurt, but at this point its nothing to worry about. The bullpen is good, but every if the pitching wasn’t good, the Sox can score runs. When Manny and Ortiz bat in your lineup, they’ll get their runs.  The Blue Jays could finish anywhere from 1st to last. They’ve got pitching, they’ve got offense, but they always get a couple injuries that wreck their season. AJ Burdette, Roy Holladay, and BJ Ryan have had injuries that wrecked last season. Vernon Wells ought to have a rebound year and Alex Rios should have a breakout season. Scott Rolen is a nice addition, as long as he’s healthy. The scrappy David Eckstein is a huge upgrade over Royce Clayton. Nothing about the Yankees excite me. It’s the same bunch. They have some potential exciting young pitchers in Phillip Hughes and Joba Chamberlin, but Andy Pettite and Moose are getting older. I remember Joe Girardi working those pitchers in Florida to death and they haven’t been the same since he left. Just something to think about. A-Rod will have a good season and Jeter will be Jeter, but I don’t think that’s enought to keep up with the Red Sox. The Rays will surprise. After years of outworsting the O’s, they’ve got some good pieces in place and their young players are maturing. They’re young and finally got pitching to go with Scott Kazmir. I think they’ll be .500. Nothing special. .500 or a game over, if they played in another division, they’d be better but that’s not the case. The Orioles…my beloved O’s will finish last but now that we’re rebuilding and losing with young players we can build rather than lose with the over the hill gang and keep the vicious losing circle going. I’ll do my Oriole season preview either today or tomorrow.

AL Central





White Sox

The Tigers offense doesn’t have a weak link in it. Top to bottom, this is one of the best lineups ever. Miguel Cabrera and Dontrelle Willis were great additions and I think Cabrera will thrive being surrounded by good veteran players (unlike the Marlins) and playing for a winner. The rotation is still solid with Verlander, Bonderman, Willis, Rogers and all. The bullpen could be an issue with Rodney and Zuemya hurt. Todd Jones is 40 and at times shaky. Cleveland was a game away from the World Series, but couldn’t do it. CC Sabathia is a free agent after the season and makes you wonder how that will affect him and the team. Travis Hafner had a down year, but I’m betting he comes back. The fact they got so far with Hafner having a horrible 07 shows that its a strong team. If the team plays the way it did last year and he regains his form, they’ll give the Tigers a run for the divison. The Twins lost Johan Santana and Tori Hunter, so it’ll be a down year. But the Twins still have Joe Mauer, Justin Morneau, Michael Cuddyer, and added Delmon Young from the Devil Rays. The bullpen is one of the bests, but the rotation is questionable. I’m excited to see Franciso Liriano return, but it might take awhile for him to return to form. Livan Hernandez is the ace of the staff and that’s scary. The Royals have quietly started doing things right and it should result in a respectable season. Not sure if its .500 or not, but they’ve gotten things going the right way. The White Sox, on the other hand, are going the wrong direction. They’ve mortgaged their farm system away and its an ill fitting blend of veteran players.

AL West





I’m not in love with the Mariners, but they’re going for the win now and by some key Angels injuries, they went from being close to them to being better than them, in my opinion. The M’s have a loaded staff with Bedard, Felix Hernandez, Jarrod Washburn, Miguel Batista, and Carlos Silva. Offense is a little suspect with Beltre and Sexson being feast or famine players. The Angels lost Kelvin Escobar for what looks like the season and John Lackey is out for a month, leaving the top two spots in the rotation open. The Angels have the Mariners beat offensively with an outfield of Vlad, Tori Hunter, Anderson, and Matthews Jr. The injuries to Lackey and Escobar seem like its going to drag them down. The Rangers could be better or could be the same old same old. Joey Hamilton was a great addition. I think they’ll hang around in the race most of the season. The A’s are rebuilding, but they’ll still be competitive, barring Harden and Blanton getting traded.

Wildcard- Indians


Miguel Cabrera

AL Cy Young

Erik Bedard

AL HR Champ

Manny Ramirez

AL Rookie

Jacoby Ellsbury

AL Manager of the Year

John McLaren

First AL Manager to get Fired

Ozzie Gullien


Tigers over Mariners

Red Sox over Indians


Tigers over Red Sox

World Series


That’s right, on the 100 year anniversy of the Cubs last World Series win, the Cubs beat the curse and banish the billy goat. I was thinking Tigers for most of the offseason, but changed my mind last week. The Cubs pitching I think is slightly better, the Cubs bullpen is far better. The Tigers offense is definately, but the Cubs offense is good too. Good pitching beats good offense though. I’m picking the Cubs….and they’d better win it. Maybe Brian Roberts will be the World Series MVP.


2 Responses

  1. Ther is now way someone as fat as Miguel Cabrera has been getting can win AL MVP

  2. Kevin Mitchell and Mo Vaugh would disagree

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