Another step in the right direction

The O’s have started doing something else that makes sense. A lot of teams have been doing this for awhile, so its kind of embarrassing that it’s taken the Orioles this long to do this. With a team this young and green, having retired O’s come in and work them makes too much sense not to. Rick Dempsey, BJ Surhoff, Mike Cuellar, and Scott McGregor know a thing or two about baseball and anything they pass off onto the newbies can only help.

There were a few notable absences. Boog Powell is busy, but looks forward to doing it next season and during this season if needed. Mike Bordick is busy coaching. Cal Ripken, Jr is a very busy man and couldn’t work it in, but was very happy to be asked and looks forward to helping in any way he can if it can be worked out. Brooks Robinson doesn’t have the time and he’s probably alittle disappointed after being turned down down over the years.

It’s just another one of those small things Andy MacPhail is doing to get the franchise back on track. The O’s have been on the skids for the past ten years and you have to focus on getting the players who can help you on the field. That said, you also have to focus on the small things to help too. Embracing your winning tradition and bringing in your greats to help coach during Spring Training is one of those small things that the previous regimes have for, whatever reason, ignored.

Its a step in the right direction, but we’ve still got a long way to go.


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