Tillman getting some love

The Washington Post has a nice read on new pitcher Chris Tillman. He’s probably two years away from the majors, maybe even 3. But he’s young and he’s had a nice spring so far. He took the loss today, but one of the runs he gave up was unearned. More impressive was his previous outing that’s mentioned in the article where he retired the side on a mere six pitches. The kid’s only 19, so he’s got a long path to get Baltimore. He’s got talent, let’s cross the fingers that it translates to major league talent.

I was working today and seeing to where I do a lot of driving throughout the day, I rely on the radio a lot. The joy of hearing an O’s game back on the XM was awesome. When I caught up with the game, It was in the third when the O’s were roughing up Livan Hernandez (man, he’s been pitching forever). The first O’s baseball I heard of this season was a 5 run rally inning. It was great.  Glad I missed the first Daniel Cabrera meltdown of the season.

I got a laptop, which I’m having to learn to get used to. It’s awesome sitting in bed and doing to as opposed to the old desktop routine. The navigation takes a bit to get used to. Mainly, the mouse is the challenge for me now, but it’s a much better tradeoff.

That’s it for me.


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