Markakis miffed at contract renewal

Nick Markakis has joined the line of young players who are unhappy about their contracts getting renewed.

From the ESPN article

The outfielder and the Baltimore Orioles failed to agree to terms by the team’s designated Tuesday deadline, so Markakis will have his contract renewed at $455,000 — up from $400,000 in 2007.

“Unfortunately, while we were able to reach an agreement with everyone else on the roster that fit into that category, we weren’t with Nick,” club president Andy MacPhail said. “It’s not a terribly unusual thing in our industry. It’s to be avoided if you can, but in this case we really weren’t able to find any common ground.”

This hasn’t seemed to be an issue in baseball until this season. Maybe there was a player or two over the past few years who didn’t liked their contract getting renewed at the rate that it was, but this season its a large number. Prince Fielder, Cole Hamels, Jonathan Pappelbon, and now Nick Markakis are unhappy at their pay for this season.

When you look at it, sure Nick’s worth more than the $465,000 he’ll make this season. But he got a $65,000 raise from last season. Someone like you or me won’t see that kind of raise ever. In terms of the real world, he’s doing fine and I don’t feel too sorry for him. That logic doesn’t turn well to sports, unless you own the Florida Marlins.  Nick’s underpaid in terms of baseball salaries. In two seasons, he’ll be arbitration eligible and he’ll make his money. Hopefully, the O’s can get a longterm deal worked out in the near future. The team has til 2011 to get it worked out.

For the further reading the Sun has more.

Yesterday, he said he’d still embrace the opportunity to be the long-term face of the organization – assuming he was content with the overall situation.

“Absolutely. I think it would be something I would look forward to being,” Markakis said. “It would be an honor to be looked at like that.”

Nick will get his money and hopefully the team and him can get it worked out. But there’s no big rush….yet.


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