Rays vs. O’s Opening Day Live Blog

Here we go… Opening Day, we go.

Ahhh, MASN HD. This is nice. If I’m going to see a losing season, I want to see it in a crisp HD picture, so every Luis Hernandez error and every ugly pitch from Steve Trachsel is in the highest definition.

I’ve missed the forced banter between Jim Palmer and Gary Thorne. I can’t help but to think these guys want to strangle each other, but they’re great in the booth.

Palmer just called BJ Upton a ‘young Hank Aaron.’ Easy, Jim…let’s give him more time before we say that.

Thorne has said ‘Birdland’ again.

Damp and a little rainy, hopefully it doesn’t mess up the game.

The O’s have taken the field!

This is the season whether we see Jeremy Guthrie was just a one season nice story or a reliable major league pitcher. Today won’t be a huge test, but the Rays are a better team and a good showing would be a good start.

And here’s the first pitch!

Crawford gets a single with one out.

The Rays new uniforms do nothing for me.

I’ll be curious to see if Carlos Pena has a year like he did last year and if he does, it’s amazing it took him that long to finally click with a team. The Tigers gave up on him after a couple years, the Yankees (I think it was the Yanks..it was them or the Red Sox) had him for 5 minutes and gave up, but then he latches on with the Rays and he had an amazing season, anyway he hits one to warning track to ADAM JONES!

Ugh…Crawford steals on Ramon. Ramon apparently coated his glove in glue. Doesn’t matter as Nick Markakis makes an easy catch to end the inning. Easy inning for Guthrie.

Dave Trembley with the lineup “looking for Huff to get off to a good start,” “a revamped and retooled Ramon Hernandez,” and “hopefully Louie Hernandez can play short this season like he did for us last season.” Only the middle line gives me any hope.

Man, Brian Roberts is a great leadoff hitter, he worked that count perfect into a walk.

Batting number 2, Melllllvin Moooora….who pops out.

Gary Thorne has already worked ‘Birdland’ in.

Nick hit a ball that Carl Crawford just can’t get to. Runners on first and second for..sigh…the O’s clean up hitter, Kevin Millar.

 Double steal! That’s a great call with Millar and his creaky knees at bat.

Wow. Millar hits a 2 run double! I’m so goofy, I got goosebumps just now. 2-0 O’s!

The Rays logo looks like a family seafood restaurant chain logo.

Huff pops up and the boos come out, maybe its related to those comments he made on the radio. Ramon pops out and at the end of 1, the O’s lead 2-0.

Cliff Floyd has been playing in the majors since I was in middle school.

Second Birdland mention by Thorne, this time in reference to Birdland..ugh..t-shirts.

Millar and Roberts turn a nice double play.

Andy MacPhail in the both and he announces the signing of Alex Citron. Citron will start in Norfolk and will come up probably once the plug gets pulled on Luis.

ADAM JONES…grounds out and previously, Luke Scott pops out.

MacPhail on Gibbons, ‘we couldn’t give him the at bats,’ ‘we needed the flexibility of the roster,’ ‘IT WAS A GOOD MOVE FOR US TO MAKE.’ Golly gee, I like Andy MacPhail.

Quick inning ended by Luis Hernandez pulling his best Corey Patterson impression and swinging out.

Guthrie gives up a hit and hits Bartlett, 2 on and no outs.

Brian can’t get to a ball, but Nick nails him out.

Melvin Mora…ugh, can’t get a handle on the ball and a run scores. Mora gets the error.

Bases loaded and one out. I’m worried right now. Guthrie is throwing high and tight. 2-0 count and BJ Upton hits one past Luis the glove. 3-2 Rays.

Excuse me, its Alex Cintron and Luke Scott ends a painful inning with a catch.

Andy MacPhail wants to build a team with the blueprint of pitching and defense, I think the last inning was proof that Luis Hernandez and Melvin Mora are not going to be the brick and mortar of the plan.

SHAMELESS PLUG: You’ll notice I have ads on the blog now, do me a favor and check them out.

Brian gets a single but Mora, Nick, and Millar all pop out.

I see the MASN HD ads are neutral with both O’s and the much hated Nats. At least its not the ‘Take that Grady Sizemore’ Corey Patterson ads. It was sad we had to have an ad centered on Corey Patterson. Anyway, I love MASN and their new fangled HD.

Speaking the much hated Nats, that was a great game last night with Zimmerman hitting the walkoff homer. I’ll give them some props for that.

Ugh…Eric Hinske hits a homer off Guthrie. Eric Hinske. Guthrie’s having a bumpy outing, although the left side of of infield did him no favors last season.

The new hotel that’s being built behind centerfield currently does not please my eye.

Whoa! Luis sports some leather and steals a sure single for Jason Bartlett.

Bruce Davidson finally calls a called third strike.

Hey, it’s Amber Theoharis and hey she’s still cute!

Fun MASN fact- Aubrey Huff hit 7 of his 15 homers against Tampa last season. I guess those are spite homers. Anyway, he didn’t homer this at bat, BUT he gets his season off to a blazing start with a single and immediately Ramon hits in a double play.

First sighiting of the season of Terry Crowley…the man with more than 9 lives. I think he’ll be the Orioles hitting coach for all eternity.

Luke Scott hits a single.

Going through my email inbox and man, you would not believe the Nigerian Email Scams I get. If they were legit, I’d be a trillionaire and i was a sucker, I’d be broke and dead. I probably average 60 a week, no joke.

ADAM JONES! strikes out to end the inning.

Guthrie has a quick 1-2-3 inning.

Oh my, new MASN ad with Jim Hunter doing announcer class. “There’s no DL for Announcers.” I laughed at this because of the many times Hunter has almost had a heart attack getting worked over a single in the third inning. I have to give to him though, he does manage to get excited over the O’s.

O’s.com won’t come up for me.

Thought a new title for Terry Crowley—-hitting czar for life.

Brian Roberts…another walk.

Mora, almost a homer….not quite enough mustard on the Esskay. That was lame. I’ve never had an Esskay because they don’t sell them down here.

Roberts got caught stealing, the Rays did a good job on that one.

Score update 4-2 Rays at the top of the 6th.

Tomorrow’s pitching matchup is Matt Garza against our very own Daniel Cabrera

Cliff Floyd labors in a double.

Whats up with MLB gameday?

Matt Albers is warming in the bullpen. This is likely Guthrie’s last inning. Runners at corners with 1 out. A double play would be nice.

A ball smoked into Luis Hernandez, run scores 5-2 Rays. If Hernandez could have gotten that ball, it would have been the double play were hoping for.

Bartlett smokes one into left, 6-2….looks like its time to pull Guthrie.

Yep, here comes Trembley. Guts gets the hook for the day and in comes Albers.

They’re playing Britney Spear’s horrible song ‘Gimme More’ while Matt Albers is warming up. Aren’t the fans being punished enough?

Randor Bierd is loosening up in the pen. Apparently the longman Albers will not be going long. Albers just threw a nasty breaking ball.

Rays’ trickery didn’t work, Crawford tried to steal and Navarro tried to steal home while Crawford was going for second. Crawford was safe, but Navarro got nailed at the plate. easy 2/3rds of an inning for Albers.

Adam Jones has a charity called “Jones’ Juniors.” Some kids got go to game as part of it. Its nice to see stuff like that, especially with a player as young as Jones.

Markakis walks on 4 pitches. We are excelling at getting the leadoff man on.

Huff hits a ball just slightly on the wrong side of foul pole, once the fans realize this they boo him, as punishment Huff ends his at bat with an inning ending double play. The fans boo more. Its going to be a long season for Aubrey Huff if he stays in Baltimore all season.

MLB Gameday hasn’t done anything all day and the live boxscores have in fact, died in the middle of the 5th. I wanted to be a stat geek and see what Guthrie’s ERA was, but it’s only showing 4 runs scored at the moment (one unearned courtesy of Melvin Mora).

Albers is back for the 7th.

Toyota Triva question….who was the last Oriole outfielder to win a Gold Glove? My guess is Brady Anderson. There have been few Oriole outfielders in the last ten years that have been good. Jay Gibbons would not be a good guess.

Albers retires the side. He’s had a good debut.

Gameday has just be resurrected. Guthrie’s ERA thus far is 8.44, whereas Matt Albers is 0.00 and Ray’s starter James Shields is 3.00. That first start can really make the ERA gaudy and if you’re a reliever and you got knocked around, that ERA will be bloated for along time.

Shields is still in. He’s had a solid day. If he can do this all season, Kazmir can stay healthy, and Garza can develop, the Rays will have a good season.

The new scoreboard looks great. It took long enough to get one.

Around the league: Jim Thome has hit 2 homers so far, the Royals beat the Tigers 5-4 (Miguel Cabrera homered), Johan Santana hasn’t allowed a hit through 2 innings, Albert Puljos homered as the Cards lead 5-1, Ben Sheets and Carlos Zambrano are in a pitchers duel as it’s 0-0 in the sixth. Sheets has given up 1 hit and Zambrano only 2. 7 Ks for Sheets and 5 for Zambrano. Lasting Milledge and Chase Utley have homered as the Nats lead 6-3.

Matt Albers is still pitching and retired the side again. I like Trembley leaving him this long. With the way he’s pitched today, it might not be too long before he’s in the rotation.

Paul Blair was the last O to win a Gold Glove in 1975, so Brady it was not.

Roberts on at first and Mora at bat. Shields is out with Reyes pitching for the Rays now.

Sheesh. Mora strikes out and gets called for interference as Brian Roberts steals 2nd, but as a result gets called out. Not a good day for Melvin. End of the 8th still 6-2 Rays.

I wonder if Albers will pitch the 9th too.

Nope, Brian Burres will pitch the ninth. Smart moves by Trembley but not bringing out Sherrill, Walker, and Bradford in a game when you’re losing 6-2. It gives me a good feeling that he’s going to play the young players a good bit.

Navarro hits a leadoff double off Burres.

Scoring updates: Phils have tied the Nats 6-6 as Jimmy Rollins homers, Mets lead 2-0 as Santana is hitless still, and the Dodgers have gotten to Barry Zito early as they lead the Giants 4-0.

Burres gets out of the inning giving up only the leadoff double.

Crawford makes a nice catch, stealing a hit from Nick. O’s down to last 2 outs.

Millar pops out first pitch.

Last hope, Aubrey Huff. Won’t surprise me if he hit a garbage home. Would have grounded out, but Wheeler makes an error and keeps hope alive. It all comes down to Ramon to keep the game alive.

Ramon drives to warning track to end the game. 6-2 Rays win. Oh well, good things today were Brian Roberts got on base everytime, Scott and Jones played outfield well, Albers pitched great and Burres did well. Guthrie was shaky, Luis Hernandez’s defense was shaky and outside of Kevin Millar, the vets did nothing.

Anyway, baseball’s back and its great. Its been fun.


Opening Day

This is the third Opening Day that I’ve done the blog. This one is the sweetest one in a long time. O, we’re not going to playoffs this year and we’re not going to have a winning record….but for the first time since the days of Pat Gillick and Davey Johnson, the Orioles have a plan and are heading in the right direction. Its going to take some time to get MacPhail’s vision for the organization in place, but its start. He made two great trades this offseason, committed to get the farm system restocked, has gotten the team a presence in the Dominican, and showed yesterday, he’s not scared to eat a big contract of a player who stinks. It’s refreshing, but its taken a decade to get this point. There’s still some deadweight in the lineup, but after yesterday, I have faith in MacPhail to trim the fat.

This is the first time in a long time that the O’s have an outfield that could be really good. Nick’s the man, we know this already. Adam Jones could be a superstar and Luke Scott could have some heavy offensive numbers. The infield is still blah (outside of Brian Roberts) with the aging Melvin Mora, the aging Kevin Millar, and the offensively inept Luis Hernandez, but I have a feeling that by midseason, alot of the guys who are starting today won’t be in Baltimore anymore. Hopefully by midseason, Scott Moore will be the starting third baseman. The rotation is scary at the moment, but MacPhail has put a priority on pitching. We’re got some pitchers in the minors that in a year or two, we won’t have to worry about getting flustered by Daniel Cabrera. There’s prospects in the minors like Matt Wieters, Billy Rowell, Brandon Snyder and Nolan Reimhold that could be here as soon as next season to get this team to the next stage of the rebuilding.

There’s a light at the end of the tunnel, but its going to be a few more seasons til we get to the end. But the light can be seen now. As some of my fellow O’s bloggers have done the past couple of days, I’m going to do. It hasn’t always been easy doing this past couple years. Thinking about what to right about the O’s a couple time isn’t always easy. You just can’t type ‘The O’s stink’ and ‘Peter Angelos is evil’ a hundred times and make a post. I try to put a little thought in my posts and to be honest, a few times I’ve almost just thrown in the towel on this thing. But I decided to keep it going and I’m glad I did. That said, check out the other O’s blogs as the season start and through the season: Camden Chat is the first O’s blog that I found and thought it was awesome and still do. The Loss Column, Roar from 34, the Oriole Post, Dempsey’s Army, Roar from 34, Weaver’s Tantrum, Birds in the Belfry, Wayward O, Oriole Magic, RRT, and all the others in my blogroll I have’t mentioned are great. When I started this Camden Chat, Birds in the Belfry and Oriole Magic were the only ones that I can remember that I remember being around. Now we there’s plenty more and hopefully more on the way. It’s fun doing this (usually) and its fun seeing what everyone has on theirs. This season, I’m going to make more of an effort to link to their sites for news instead of the papers or the big time news sites if I can help it.Thanks for sticking with it guys and hopefully we’ll have some winning seasons to talk about soon.

Anyway, its Opening Day and the lousy teams of the past decade are gone. We still have some players to lose….but its a new season for the O’s and for the first time in a long time, I’m excited about seeing this team play. It’ll be a long season, but it’ll fun seeing Adam Jones mature into a star. It’ll be fun seeing some of pitchers come up and develop. It’ll be fun seeing Matt Wieters and some of the other kids come from the minors. It’ll fun seeing some of the vets get traded. We won’t have a winning record, but the O’s have a direction finally. I’ll take 100 losses if it makes this franchise finally will be relevant in the future.

Let’s play ball.

Opening Day Live Blog tomorrow

I go to work at 6 tomorrow morning and the good thing about my job is that I’m not locked into a set schedule. If I get things done quick and hustle, then I can wrap up early and vice versa. So the plan is tomorrow, to move quick and get done and watch as much baseball as humanly possible.

With the new laptop, its easier to go sit in the recliner and do this. Last season, with the old desktop it was a chore to watch and post, turn the head, watch and turn the head and post. I’ll try and do this more this season. The Extra Innings is ordered as of an hour ago, so its showtime.

I should be back home by game time, if not shortly after.

A few game notes on tonight (Braves at the hated Nats)

 *Jon Miller’s voice was a wonderful sound to hear. Its been too long.

*I was amused by the reception George Curly W Bush got, the reception being a smathering of boos mixed with applause.

*The blasted Nats have already gone up 2-0 to nothing through one inning on some sloppy defense by the Braves.

*I’ll give the cursed Nats credit, they have a nice park.

Opening Day lineup

Forget about that nonsense last week in Japan. The season starts tonight. Baseball’s back!

To get you stoked up about tomorrow, here’s the Opening Day lineup (from Roch’s blog)

3:05 pm (I work early tomorrow…so I’ll be off by then!)

Brian Roberts – 2B

Melvin Mora – 3B

Nick Markakis – RF

Kevin Millar – 1B

Aubrey Huff – DH

Ramon Hernandez – C

Luke Scott – LF

Adam Jones – CF

Luis Hernandez – SS

Jeremy Guthrie – P

Really doesn’t look much different til the bottom of the order. But let’s hold off on getting angry over it. Its a long season, some faces will be gone by season’s end (ie Jay Gibbons!).

Braves play the Much Hated Nats tonight to kick things off and then its everybody else tomorrow.


I wanted this to happen, but I didn’t think it would….BUT it happened!

The Orioles finalized their roster today, releasing veteran outfielder Jay Gibbons, who had been the second longest tenured member of the club.

With the move, the Orioles are responsible for paying the $11.9 million left over two years on Gibbons’ contract. Utility infielder Scott Moore beat out Gibbons for the last roster spot.

I was not going to be able to find playing time for Jay Gibbons with the roster being what it was right here and right now,” said Orioles manager Dave Trembley. “He agreed with that. He got his release and we’re going from there.

Wow. They really are committed to rebuilding. It’s one thing to trade your two best players who make alot  of money and you get young inexpensive talent back, but its another thing to release a player and eat 11.9 million dollars. It’s refreshing to see the O’s determine a spot the roster based on talent and not by veteran status and salary. I’d been ticked if Moore (who had an awesome spring) didn’t make the team and Gibbons (who hasn’t been productive in two years) did.

MacPhail said that club owner Peter Angelos, who has always liked Gibbons since the organization plucked him from the Toronto Blue Jays organization in the 2000 Rule 5 Draft, was on board with the decision.

“I certainly talked to Peter about it as I do with all the big decisions we make,” MacPhail said. “I gave him the ramifications and what my thinking was. I hadn’t really reached any conclusions myself. I was wrestling with this one. I was really, to be honest with you, looking for some advice. His advice was, ‘You got to do what you got to do.’ Those were the last words that he left me with and I took the position of well, this is what we have to do.”

I guess if there was any doubt who’s running the show in Baltimore, there’s not anymore. Angelos has let Andy MacPhail do what he wants to do. This was a big decision for Angelos eat to almost 12 million bucks.

Gibbons is gone. Its frustrating that someone who came in here with some talent had such a disappointing stay. He had seasons in 2002, 2003, and 2005 that were productive. But after that he wasn’t able to stay healthy and there was that whole steroid thing too. His power was sapped and hitting his weight became a tough thing for him to do.

In the end, I really won’t miss Jay Gibbons. He’ll get his money and whether he plays or not again doesn’t really matter.

I don’t have many fond memories of Gibbons, I don’t mean that as a dig. It was 2006 that I started ordering MLB Extra Innings to watch the O’s, and that was when Jay Gibbons began his descent into unproductivity.

I’ll remember him for a couple things.

1. Gibbons was not a great defensive outfielder. Two years ago against the Angels when he went for a ball Vlad hit that was right on the line, he missed the ball, hit the ground in a heap, and was on the DL the better part of the season.

2. Hitting homers when it doesn’t matter. If the O’s were down 7-1 in the 8th inning against the Royals, Jay Gibbons could hit a solo homer. If if were 4-3 and 2 on and 2 out in the ninth he’d strikeout or do his signature popout. But hey, in sure losses, he could mash.

3. The first base debacle. Poor Sam Perlozzo, maybe in time we’ll look upon your tenture in a more forgiving sight. But I remember when he was going to make 1st baseman out of Javy Lopez and Jay Gibbons. The goal was admirable. There were too many catchers (Ramon was signed in the offseason) and too many outfielders. Sam wanted to make time for all players and thought ‘hey, we haven’t had a 1st baseman around these parts since Eddie Murray’ and thought out of Gibbons and Lopez, one could play 1st. In the end, neither could. Lopez was a mess and neither were pleased about having to learn a new position. In the end, Sam nixed the plan as quickly as he could. Ironically, Javy Lopez retired last Sunday and this Sunday Jay Gibbons got released.

4. Last but not least, he managed to hit his wife in the face during a game with a foul ball. He goes through slumps where he can’t hit the side of a barn with a beachball but he manages to catch his wife with a foul ball in the face.

I expect these times to at least have marginal interest in Gibbons

1. Giants (I think they’ll sign him)

2. Mariners

3. Rangers

So in the end, Gibbons’ will place in Oriole history will be along side Sammy Sosa, Luis Matos, Marty Cordova, Larry Bigbie and Darrell McDonald in the last decade of Oriole outfield medicority. Maybe if Jay would have been off the roids, things could have been different. Maybe he could have been healthy and be contributing piece to the team, but that’s not the case. Jay’s an O no more. I wish you well and maybe he’ll catch on with another team.

AL Picks

Did the NL yesterday, so here’s my picks for my beloved American League

AL East

Red Sox

Blue Jays


Devil Rays


Ah, the AL East. I’m picking the blasted Red Sox to win. Yeah, they lost Schilling and Beckett’s back is slightly cranky but that’s not going to kill them. They have enough young pitchers to plug in Schilling’s spot, who would probably be better than him. Beckett’s loss would hurt, but at this point its nothing to worry about. The bullpen is good, but every if the pitching wasn’t good, the Sox can score runs. When Manny and Ortiz bat in your lineup, they’ll get their runs.  The Blue Jays could finish anywhere from 1st to last. They’ve got pitching, they’ve got offense, but they always get a couple injuries that wreck their season. AJ Burdette, Roy Holladay, and BJ Ryan have had injuries that wrecked last season. Vernon Wells ought to have a rebound year and Alex Rios should have a breakout season. Scott Rolen is a nice addition, as long as he’s healthy. The scrappy David Eckstein is a huge upgrade over Royce Clayton. Nothing about the Yankees excite me. It’s the same bunch. They have some potential exciting young pitchers in Phillip Hughes and Joba Chamberlin, but Andy Pettite and Moose are getting older. I remember Joe Girardi working those pitchers in Florida to death and they haven’t been the same since he left. Just something to think about. A-Rod will have a good season and Jeter will be Jeter, but I don’t think that’s enought to keep up with the Red Sox. The Rays will surprise. After years of outworsting the O’s, they’ve got some good pieces in place and their young players are maturing. They’re young and finally got pitching to go with Scott Kazmir. I think they’ll be .500. Nothing special. .500 or a game over, if they played in another division, they’d be better but that’s not the case. The Orioles…my beloved O’s will finish last but now that we’re rebuilding and losing with young players we can build rather than lose with the over the hill gang and keep the vicious losing circle going. I’ll do my Oriole season preview either today or tomorrow.

AL Central





White Sox

The Tigers offense doesn’t have a weak link in it. Top to bottom, this is one of the best lineups ever. Miguel Cabrera and Dontrelle Willis were great additions and I think Cabrera will thrive being surrounded by good veteran players (unlike the Marlins) and playing for a winner. The rotation is still solid with Verlander, Bonderman, Willis, Rogers and all. The bullpen could be an issue with Rodney and Zuemya hurt. Todd Jones is 40 and at times shaky. Cleveland was a game away from the World Series, but couldn’t do it. CC Sabathia is a free agent after the season and makes you wonder how that will affect him and the team. Travis Hafner had a down year, but I’m betting he comes back. The fact they got so far with Hafner having a horrible 07 shows that its a strong team. If the team plays the way it did last year and he regains his form, they’ll give the Tigers a run for the divison. The Twins lost Johan Santana and Tori Hunter, so it’ll be a down year. But the Twins still have Joe Mauer, Justin Morneau, Michael Cuddyer, and added Delmon Young from the Devil Rays. The bullpen is one of the bests, but the rotation is questionable. I’m excited to see Franciso Liriano return, but it might take awhile for him to return to form. Livan Hernandez is the ace of the staff and that’s scary. The Royals have quietly started doing things right and it should result in a respectable season. Not sure if its .500 or not, but they’ve gotten things going the right way. The White Sox, on the other hand, are going the wrong direction. They’ve mortgaged their farm system away and its an ill fitting blend of veteran players.

AL West





I’m not in love with the Mariners, but they’re going for the win now and by some key Angels injuries, they went from being close to them to being better than them, in my opinion. The M’s have a loaded staff with Bedard, Felix Hernandez, Jarrod Washburn, Miguel Batista, and Carlos Silva. Offense is a little suspect with Beltre and Sexson being feast or famine players. The Angels lost Kelvin Escobar for what looks like the season and John Lackey is out for a month, leaving the top two spots in the rotation open. The Angels have the Mariners beat offensively with an outfield of Vlad, Tori Hunter, Anderson, and Matthews Jr. The injuries to Lackey and Escobar seem like its going to drag them down. The Rangers could be better or could be the same old same old. Joey Hamilton was a great addition. I think they’ll hang around in the race most of the season. The A’s are rebuilding, but they’ll still be competitive, barring Harden and Blanton getting traded.

Wildcard- Indians


Miguel Cabrera

AL Cy Young

Erik Bedard

AL HR Champ

Manny Ramirez

AL Rookie

Jacoby Ellsbury

AL Manager of the Year

John McLaren

First AL Manager to get Fired

Ozzie Gullien


Tigers over Mariners

Red Sox over Indians


Tigers over Red Sox

World Series


That’s right, on the 100 year anniversy of the Cubs last World Series win, the Cubs beat the curse and banish the billy goat. I was thinking Tigers for most of the offseason, but changed my mind last week. The Cubs pitching I think is slightly better, the Cubs bullpen is far better. The Tigers offense is definately, but the Cubs offense is good too. Good pitching beats good offense though. I’m picking the Cubs….and they’d better win it. Maybe Brian Roberts will be the World Series MVP.

Burres wins 5 spot!

Didn’t see this coming, but saw it on Camden Chat today. Brian Burres is 5th starter and Matt Albers will start in the pen. I don’t think this will last too long. I remember well Burres’ starts last season. He’d do ok for a few innings and things would often run afoul in the 4th or 5th inning. He did have his moments, but this move might be buying more time for Albers by letting him tuned up in the pen or maybe Trembley thinks Burres is better. I don’t, but it doesn’t matter since I don’t manage the Baltimore Orioles.

The set rotation

The Ace- Jeremy Guthrie

No. 2- Daniel Cabrera (who pitched like No. 2 last season)

3 spot- Adam Loewen

fooooouuuuurrrrrrr sssppppppppooooottttttttttt- Steve Trachsel (with whom an inning is like an eternity)

5- Brian Burres, take bow.

Camden Chat also has the announced bullpen up. Check it out, there’s no surprises really except Rock Cherry magically got hurt a week ago and got DLed. I demand Rocky Cherry in the pen! It’s a good read, but its Friday, I’m hungry and ready to….well, do what we do on Friday nights.