1st game of Spring, Teixeira

Ah, the first recap of the season.

Not the best of days. Our O’s lost 16-3 to the Florida Marlins. Granted, it is the first game of Spring Training. There’s some rust to shake off and there’s some players playing that aren’t going to make past spring with the team.

Case in point, Estaban Yan. Yan was a semi-productive bullpen arm about six seasons. Now, he’s just trying to hook on with a club. Today’s showing doesn’t bode well for his hopes of making the team.

1 inning 4 hits 4 runs 1 walk 0 k

Lance Cormier, who’s vying to be long relief, didn’t fare well either.

1 inning 3 hits 3 runs 2 BB and 1 K

Old reliable Jamie Walker did fare well either. 5 runs on 5 hits. On the bright side, he had no 0 BB and two K’s. I’m not worried about Walker. It’s the first game. Walker’s a good pitcher and he’s shaking off the rust.

Adam Loewen didn’t have a good outing in his return to mound after his surgery. He pitched one inning and didn’t make an out in the second.  3 hits, 3 runs, 4 BB, and 2 K’s for the day. Makes you shake your head and groan, but I’m going to chalk it up to the very first game of the spring. He’s coming off surgery and maybe that’s playing a role. Let’s hope so or it might be a longer season than we think.

On the plus side, some guy named Craig Anderson (did some research and here’s his career) came in and bailed out Loewen without allowing anymore runs. Chad Bradford gave up only 1 run. Rock Cherry pitched two scoreless innings. Jon Leicester pitched a scoreless 1.1 innings.

At the plate, Melvin Mora, Brian Roberts, and Tike Redman all drove in runs today.  Adam Jones went 0-0 with two walks. Nick Markakis had a double and that was about it for the day.

It is what is and it’s a Spring Training game. There’s plenty of other games to get the team tuned up. Hopefully, Loewen gets it together and there’s no more of these games.

Teixeria Pipedreams

Ah, it’s never to soon to start dreaming about Mark Teixeria signing with the Orioles this offseason. The Sun has already threw out the first pitch out of the season on the subject.

Do I think its possible. Certainly. Do I think it’ll happen? It has a chance….but I’m not counting on it.

The question is whether the Braves would shell out so much for one player – perhaps $20 million-plus per season for six or more years. A major strength of the Braves organization is that it doesn’t get caught up in emotions. It makes its moves based on what best fits the overall plan.

Therefore, the Orioles should be able to outbid Atlanta. And don’t be surprised if they take on the Yankees, too. Orioles owner Peter Angelos doesn’t like to overpay, even for a star. He would never do it for a pitcher. But he did open the checkbook rather wide for Albert Belle and Miguel Tejada. And this one is a better match.

The Braves didn’t like to break the bank to keep players since they usually have a player groomed to take their place usually. They can come up with the money. The have before, but more often than not, the players usually give them the hometeam discount because the Braves are a class organization. Teixeria’s going to hit the market and probably won’t be giving anyone a discount.

Rumor has it that Peter Angelos might like Teixeria…

If Angelos sets a club salary record, it would be for Teixeira.

If Angelos sets a club salary record, it would also be with Teixeira’s agent, Scott Boras, whom the club has avoided pointedly in the past.

 But why would a rebuilding team shell out big money for Teixeira when they’re rebuilding? The logic in that is right here.

And, maybe most important, this wouldn’t be the first time Boras has sent a top player to a bad team for big money. Remember 2003-04, when catcher Ivan Rodriguez, a Boras client, helped the Florida Marlins win the World Series and then signed a four-year, $40 million contract with the Detroit Tigers, baseball’s worst team. Critics said it was classic Boras, caring more about the dollar amount than his client’s landing spot.

The next year, Rodriguez was joined by Magglio Ordonez, another Boras client, and then another, left-hander Kenny Rogers. In 2006, the Tigers, thanks to deft trades and drafts and the Boras trio, made it to the World Series. Giving Boras the last laugh.

I’d love to have Teixeria. He’s only 28. The Orioles have a gapping hole at first base. Our offense is going to need help. We’ll be players in this. The question is whether we’re going to be used to drive up the price so that he can get more money from the Yankees/Red Sox/Braves or whether the O’s are a viable contender for him.  I say its 50/50.


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  1. I agree about the Texiera deal.

    This post contains some Texiera lip-service about how great Atlanta is and how many ties he has to the area:


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