Latest on Roberts trade

From the Chicago Sun- Times:

Some in the organization think the Cubs won’t get Roberts at all after watching the last three months of on-again, off-again talks play out. The Orioles want pitcher Sean Gallagher, infielder Ronny Cedeno and two more top young players for Roberts.

Basically, we know nothing more than we know now apparently. Gallagher and Cedeno are both players that aren’t holding up the trade. Gallagher is a young pitcher who the Cubs are willing to give up. Cedeno is player that the Cubs have probably written off. 2006 was Cedeno’s first crack at the starting gig and it didn’t work to say the least. Last season, he was in Triple A most of the year. He might be someone who with a change might be someone who can be the O’s shortstop for the longterm or what he was in 2006 is what he’ll be the rest of his career. There’s no answer yet, but he’s certainly not someone who’d hold up this deal. The two more top young players the O’s want are likely what’s holding up this deal. Is it Felix Pie, Tyler Colvin, Ceda or someone else the O’s want holding up this deal? If the offer is Gallagher, Cedeno, one time Oriole Kevin Hart, and maybe Murton if they’re offering him….take the deal. Gallagher and Hart are young arms we can use. Cedeno can play short this season. Murton can be a 4th outfielder. If they’re willing to take Jay Payton….all the better!

Mark DeRosa’s heart scare may or may not hurry this deal up. Its good news that DeRosa’s doing better. Cubs GM Jim Hendry has said that this won’t change how they do business. But I’m wondering if they don’t want hurry and get Roberts just in case.

Whatever happens, its not going to happen for alittle longer.

The holdup in a would-be trade is on the Orioles’ side, and no movement is expected on that front until at least a week or so of exhibition games are played, with the O’s expected to have scouts taking another look at young Cubs players.

There’s smoke here but no fire yet.


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