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Sherrill tweaks hammie

The Sun reports the first injury of the season happen Friday when newly acquired reliever/likely closer George Sherrill tweaked his right hamstring during during workout.

Breathe easy, it’s mild.

“It should be a few days and I’ll be back,” he (Sherrill) said. “It’s so soon, I’ll just take today completely off and we’ll go from there.”

Hammie injuries always get me worried. They have that tendancy to linger sometimes. Hopefully, a few days off will get him healed up.

A little further down, here’s the quote of the day that makes my skin crawl and scares me.

“When [Tejada] got traded, the first thing that came to mind was, ‘Man, they traded him. I might have a shot at being the shortstop.’ I didn’t know if they’d get somebody else, but they haven’t gotten anybody yet, so that spot’s still open.”

Guess who said this.

Yep, Brandon Fahey.

I’m not a Fahey backer. He makes Luis Hernandez look like Miguel Tejada. In 2006, he was a cute story. A gawky wire thin white kid who looks like he belongs in a math club instead of the ballfield comes up and has a few nice moments with the team. If that was it, it would have been enough. Last season was when it was too much, Fahey batted .167 with a .198 OBP, hit 0 homers and drove in a mere 1 rbi.

Bear in mind that I’m not opposed to a shortstop who’s a defensive whiz who carries a weak bat. We’ve been spoiled with Tejada. Say what you will about his defense, it was still decent and he could hit. Whether is was aided by PEDs or not is not something I’m going to get into here. If Luis Hernandez is the shortstop this season, that’s not ideal but its something that I can deal with. Fahey is not a longterm shortstop who we can build around. I hope he’s starting shortstop in Norfolk when the season starts.

If he’s the starter in Baltimore, I’ll cringe on Opening Day.

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