Few things from the Sun

like I said from the Baltimore Sun:

Jay Payton knows that he’s the 4th outfielder and probably going to be gone from the Orioles sooner rather than later:

“I know I’m probably not the quote-unquote favorite, but this is the fourth year I’ve gone into spring training as the fourth outfielder, and I’ve gotten 400 at-bats every year, so I’m not going to worry about my status too much right now,” Payton said.

The Orioles have shopped Payton extensively, but his age, salary and poor 2007 season have hindered their efforts. The Orioles would likely absorb a significant portion of the $5 million left on his contract to move him.

“There’s still a possibility I don’t end up here when the season starts,” he said. ” … Like I said, they’re still trying to get younger and prepare for the future, so that doesn’t bother me.”

He’s saying all the right things. Chances are that he won’t finish the season as an O, but if he does….well, honestly we could do a lot worse for a 4th outfielder than Jay Payton. I misguidedly thought he’d make leftfield decent for us last year, but I was wrong. But as a bench guy, he’s ok for the few months he has an Oriole.

On Nolan Reimold:

Outfielder Nolan Reimold has been considered one of the organization’s top prospects since the Orioles took him out of Bowling Green in the second round of the 2005 draft. However, the 24-year-old still hasn’t received a spring training invitation.

“We thought it was best for him to guide him toward the opening of spring training and the minor leagues with not having him have to come over [to major league camp] and bounce back and forth,” Stockstill said. “We have a specific plan for him for the month of March so he’s ready to start the season.”

I kinda wish Reimold would be in camp, but there is a plan in play. It’s been ten years since there’s been a plan in play, so its best not to whine about it. Its probably for the best. Nick Markakis made the huge jump from Double AA to the big club with never a day in Triple A. I’m not sure Reimold will be a player like Markakis. I hope he will be because a potential outfield of a successful Reimold, Jones, and Markakis would be sweet. I think Reimold can be a good MLB player, but I don’t he’s sure thing.

On Scott Moore:

Orioles infielder Scott Moore has been getting in some work in left field, hoping the flexibility will give him a better chance to make the Opening Day roster

Boo. Scott Moore is a third baseman. I want him playing third. Melvin Mora is not entitled to play third because he’s a veteran. There’s no certainty that Moore is a sure thing, but hey…we’re rebuilding and we need to find out if Moore can play a role on this team over the haul. Mora isn’t because he’s aging. With Payton and Bynum already 4th and 5th outfielders, I can’t see Moore getting much time out there.

On the closer situation:

Trembley expects to settle on a closer soon. George Sherrill is the clear front-runner, but if he struggles or decides he doesn’t want the job, it will likely go to Greg Aquino or Dennis Sarfate

and from Roch:

Dennis Sarfate continues to stand out among the pitchers. He’s looked very good in his bullpen sessions. Trembley loves his demeanor and the way the ball comes out of his hand. He’s all business and he’s a power arm. He also could move into the closer’s role during the season if he makes the club, which he’s expected to do since he’s out of options and there are plenty of spots open.

Dennis Sarfate apparently has made an impression. If he’s a power arm that’s all business, I’d rather have him closing than George Sherrill. No offense to George Sherrill, who’s a great bullpen arm…but he’s not a closer. He’s a great guy to pitch the 7th or the 8th, but I’m not sold on the fact on him as closer. If Sarfate could come in and throw hell in the ninth, that’s awesome.

More from Roch:

On the catching situation:

Ramon Hernandez and Matt Wieters sat together at their lockers again this morning. Hernandez seems to enjoy being the veteran who looks after Wieters and offers advice. And the 2008 version of Ramon Hernandez seems to be a much better role model.

Hernandez said he didn’t have anyone counseling him when he first came up, and he doesn’t want Wieters to feel lost.

Awesome. Glad to see the 2007 Ramon is gone. The fact that he’s mentoring his replacement speaks great of Ramon.

On Chris Tillman:

More raves for Chris Tillman. People who have watched him throw marvel at his fluid delivery. He seems pretty advanced for 19.

Maybe he’ll be up in Baltimore in a year or two.

That’s round up, things sound great right now…but that’s the story in every camp right right now.


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