So it begins!

Spring Training has begun and not a second too soon after that nonsense in Washington yesterday.

Roch has a few things:

On Matt Wieters:

Matt Wieters took batting practice. Swinging from the left side, he launched a ball that almost cleared the bleachers in right field.

Though he hit a few dribblers and lazy fly balls, he exhibited a nice, fluid swing. No wasted motion.

He looks real comfortable,” Trembley said. “It doesn’t look like anything is too overwhelming for him. It looks like he’s got a chance to be very good.”

Asked what he hopes to accomplish during his time in camp, Wieters said, “It’s just about getting back out there and playing. I went to Hawaii and played this winter, but that’s not a real season. This is what it’s about, just getting through the whole season and making strides as a player.  You go from a college player to a professional player, where you’re playing so many more games. It’s just going to be a little of a transitional process.”

Is there a chance that Wieters might be with the big club this season? I think he’s going to be a great player.   

On Chris Ray:

Good news on Chris Ray: He starts his throwing program today and is convinced that he’ll be pitching for the Orioles by August. He also looks like he lost a lot of weight.

I guess that’s good news. I’ve soured on Chris Ray somewhat. When he came up and burst on the scene I thought he was going to be good. But as time has progressed, most of his outings were tightrope acts. Lots of walks, hits, and plain out scary baseball. Maybe surgery will fix a problem that has been there awhile. I’m hoping the likes of Hoey, Mickolio, and some of the other the minors develop to be strong in the bullpen so that we won’t have to depend on a shaky bullpen.

On Danys Baez:

 Danys Baez still doesn’t know when he’ll start throwing. He’s supposed to see Dr. James Andrews later this month. Baez said he had some inflammation in his elbow within the last week and had to slow down his rehab.

There’s no need to rush back, Danys. Take the next season or two and take it easy. The O’s can lose games just fine without you.  

On Aubrey Huff:

Aubrey Huff was working up a sweat on a stair climber when I ducked inside the clubhouse a few minutes ago. I almost didn’t recognize him with the bleached blonde hair.

Wow, Huff is sweating before the second half. Maybe he’s motivated to play a full season or maybe he wants to play good so he’ll be traded and get out of a rebuilding town that’s also horsesh…yeah you know where that’s going.

This is great. Talking about actual baseball….not actually baseball yet, but baseball activities.


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