The Day After

Now its the day after the Bedard trade and we’re over the ‘unbridled enthusaism’ of the big trade going down (and I have a brand spanking new mouse), let’s take a step back and look at things.

The team has given up its ace for 5 players. 2 of those players will be on the team this year, by season’s end Tillman and Kam will likely be on the big club. I doubt Butler will be in Baltimore until 2009, though I could be wrong.

Going in the week, the O’s had holes at SS, CF, and closer. No need to bring back Corey Patterson now, Adam Jones is our new centerfielder. George Sherrill, a setup man by trade, looks as if he’ll be working the ninth this season. Now shortstop is the spot that needs addressing. I’d rather not see Luis Hernandez playing and I sure don’t want to see Brandon Fahey there. If the team doesn’t make another move, I’d honestly rather see Freddie Bynum play short (no joke). In the next week or two though, I’m sure Brian Roberts will be traded and this season’s shortstop will be coming to Baltimore. Ronnie Cedeno maybe? Doesn’t excite me, but maybe last season in the minors and a change of scenery will do the trick for him. He’d be better than Fahey and company.

Of course, Bedard leaving means we don’t have an ace. I’m sure Jeremy Guthrie will be our number one this season. If he pitches like he did last season, then that’s the best spot for him on the team for the time being. In a year or two, maybe Troy Patton or Chris Tillman will become an ace. Maybe Adam Loewen. Who knows. We’ve lost a good pitcher, who has the potential to be great. If he stays healthy and keeps progressing at the rate he is, he’ll be great. I hate to see him go and I hope that over the past two weeks I haven’t appeared to want to get rid of him for the sake of getting rid of him. In a perfect world, Erik Bedard would retire an O. The world ain’t perfect and the O’s sure aren’t. He didn’t want to commit long-term to a rebuilding team. I can’t blame him for wanting to go to a winning team. To get something good you have to give up something good and Bedard was the ‘goodest’ thing the team had. I wish him well and hope he has a great season in Seattle (except when he pitches against the Orioles). Seeing him pitch in teal and white though will make me a little jaded. It’ll be kind of like seeing your ex-girlfriend with another guy right after a breakup. You’re alittle pissed and jealous at first, but once you realize that it was necessary to end things….you feel alot better. In a year or two, when you’re engaged another girl and you look at what you end up, hopefully, you can look back and say “Yeah, things were good back then, but this will be a lot better.”

 This season will be an audition for a lot of these players to see what they have and what they can contribute to this team long term.

It’s a happy day. Rebuilding has happened. The outfield is looking awesome. The organization has depth in the minors. There’s a surplus of young arms. Dare I say the bullpen could be better this season. Now let’s see some dead weight moved. I’m going to need to order me an Adam Jones jersey soon.


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