ESPN: Deal ‘close’ to happening

Another day, another inch closer to this trade with the Mariners.

The Baltimore Sun and Seattle Post-Intelligencer are reporting that Mariners outfielder Adam Jones — the key prospect the Orioles are expected to receive for Bedard — is in Baltimore to take a physical.

All right, so the physical is finally happening or has just happened. This might happen tomorrow or it might drag out another couple days. The fact is that now with physicals happening, the question isn’t now if this trade happens, it’s when.

The Sun, citing an unnamed source, reported Monday that the trade of Bedard from Baltimore to Seattle is pending only completion of physicals. The newspaper reported that if Jones passes his physical, a trade could be announced as soon as Monday.

Nope, it didn’t happen today….but maybe tomorrow. I read somewhere, maybe the Seattle PI, that Sherrill had his physical in Baltimore today too and has already flown back to Arizona.

A little something else here….

Jones, 22, is regarded by scouts and executives with other teams as a rising star. “He’s going to be a monster,” an AL talent evaluator told ESPN The Magazine’s Buster Olney. “If you put he and Nick Markakis in the same outfield, that is the start of something.”

I’m going to bed. With the Superbowl last night and work today, I’m beat. You know who else is beat? The Pats. Ha ha ha. Last night was the first time ever I think, that I’ve cheered for a New York team. It might be the last time too. It was an awesome game.


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