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Baker: Jones Hip issue is nonsense, deal finalized tonight?

Geoff Baker has another update.

Those crazy rumors out of Baltimore yesterday that Adam Jones has a degenerative hip condition? Toss them out the window. Not a touch of truth to it. Both sides are laughing that one off emphatically. Yes, Jones was being brought in for a physical. But it wasn’t for a serious type of injury or anything that would be a deal-breaker. So, there’s nothing on that front that would impede a trade.

Apparently Stan the fan was wrong about that one. I’m happy about that. I want Jones to be an O, but even if he won’t, I still wish him well.

 What held this deal up? I heard on Sunday night, within moments of his being told, that Orioles owner Peter Angelos was furious to learn that news of the impending deal had broken. He was about to head into the hospital for a minor procedure the next day and could not believe Adam Jones had spilled the beans. Would it be beyond Angelos to hold things up another 48, or 72 hours before giving his go-ahead and making everyone sweat a little? Nope.

I wouldn’t put it past our boy Pete to hold up a trade for a few days out of spite. That could be part of the hold up, but I think MacPhail’s trying to squeeze another good prospect out them. Check out the whole article, its a good one.

Anyway, a trade could go down as soon as tonight. The offer isn’t going to get much better probably thanks to the Twins overplaying their hand with Santana.

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