Rosenthal: Trade on Hold?

Ken Rosenthal says the trade is hold or possibly off due to Peter Angelos. Jason Stark has already said that this needs Angelos’ approval and he won’t be around til tomorrow. So in truth, the trade is on hold. I think it happens and I’m not going to demonize Angelos yet. If this trade doesn’t happen…..well, all bets are off.

The reasons for Angelos’ hesitation remain unclear. It is possible that he simply needs more time to consider the Orioles’ return. But it is also possible that he is concerned for other reasons.

Stark has said that Angelos didn’t get knowledge of this possible trade til late last night and wasn’t available today due to a ‘personal matter.’ There’s alot of speculation and rehashing of Angelos’ way in his article. A lot of stuff that causes us dread in times like this. The last line “But it is also possible that he is concerned for other reasons” is pure speculation.

One thing he’s right about….

The trade amounts to a litmus test for the authority of MacPhail, who was hired last summer with the understanding that he would operate with autonomy over baseball operations.

By this time tomorrow, we should see.


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