A couple of things

Nothing much going on this weekend…

Apparently a fake Bedard trade to the Angels made the rounds.

Roch thinks that Bedard is gone by the end of the week (sorry no link on that because apparently the right click on my mouse has just died. Go to Roch’s blog and look for it.)

I really think that once the Bedard trade goes down, a whole slew on minor deals will go down. Deals sending Melvin Mora, Aubrey Huff, and a few of the others out of town. Nothing major because Huff isn’t going to get you much. If anything, guys like Mora, Huff, Millar, etc. will get some bodies into the minors. The Bedard deal and the Roberts deal will get the team the higher end prospects and once the team knows what they’re getting, it’ll make it easier to pawn off the rest. As for Gibbons, I think he ends up going to Seattlel if that trade goes down. Someone like Gibbons could have some value for them IF IF IF IF IF IF he can stay healthy. I don’t care at this point, they can throw him in and I expect nothing in return for him.

As you can tell, I’ve given up on not talking about trades. Without it, there’s nothing to talk about right now.


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