M’s GM Bavasi: I think a deal will get done

Erik Bedard’s name isn’t mentioned by Bavasi, but it’s clear that he’s talking about him.

First, Bavasi still expects to get a deal done for a top-of-the-rotation starting pitcher. He never mentions names, but it’s clear he was talking about Erik Bedard. It’s also clear that Bavasi feels this team is ready to challenge for a playoff spot and is ready to give up Adam Jones and plenty of other names to get a deal done.

“We’re in a position now where we have to do our best to make those moves for a top-of-the-rotation guy so we can slot the rest of the rotation where it should be,” he said. “We feel we have to make a move — one more move.”

Lots of good quotes here

Bavasi says he’s already put his best offer on the table and that it’s now a waiting game. He says there’s been a genuine reluctance by some clubs to part with young prospects, but “we’re not one of those clubs. We’re prepared to move…but there is a limit.”

“I don’t think you can give a club its terms and its price,” he said. “We can move a premier prospect and numbers (of players), but we’re not going to move a number of premier prospects.”

“As I’m sitting here today, I think we will (get a deal done),” he said. “I think there’s a good chance of that.”

To Sum it up:

-Bavasi wants to win now.

-He isn’t scared to trade his prospects.

-His “best” offer is on the table.

-He thinks a deal will happen.

Maybe his best deal is on the table. Maybe it isn’t. But its obvious that talks are pretty heated. Let’s hope that a deal (the right deal) happens and we can move on with a good package of prospects (anchored by Adam Jones)  from the M’s. I think this deal will happen because Bavasi needs the Mariners to win now. They weren’t bad last season, but need a little more. With Bedard anchoring their staff, Felix can move to the number two spot and take some pressure off him. That’s a nasty 1 2 punch.

I’m sure the coming days will have more talk, let’s hope for some action.


2 Responses

  1. For what it’s worth, most Mariners fans are against trading Adam Jones, especially if Brandon Morrow is also one of the other players included in the deal. Some see Jones as being similar to a young Ken Griffey Jr. I personally think he’ll end up somewhere between Mike Cameron and Tori Hunter.

  2. I’m crossing my fingers that we get Jones. I’ve heard that he’s expected to be a Griffey Jr/Tori Hunter type of player. If I’m a M’s fan, I’d be nervous about my team mortgaging the future for two seasons of Erik Bedard.

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