O’s in holding pattern, talking to scrubs

Andy MacPhail has extended his self-imposed deadline for trading Erik Bedard and Brian Roberts from the end of the month to Febuary 13th. Obviously, he’s holding out for the best deal, but dang….I’d like these trades to happen at some point. I want the best deal too. I don’t know what the other teams are offering. If they’re trying to pull one over on the O’s, then I’m fine with waiting. I don’t like it, but I want the best return possible.

On a bad note, MacPhail is talking to agents for possible stopgaps in anticipation that we don’t get an Adam Jones or a player who can be penciled in now.

Who are they?

Corey Patterson….hooray.

Steve Traschel….double hooray.

Shawn Chacon

Kyle Lohse

Ron Villone

None of these names excite. Lohse is the only one who remotely sounds lukewarm appealing. Having sad that, Loshe is a career 63-74 pitcher with a 4.82 ERA. He might be a decent 4 or 5 pitcher, but I’m afraid what he might get paid. Maybe it’s a one year deal. Villone and Traschel…well, we’ve been down that road with Traschel and his amazing tightrope 6 innings, 10 hits, 5 walks, and 1 strikeout games. I don’t want to have to endure that again. Frankly, Ron Villone scares me. Shawn Chacon is a very medicore pitcher. Hey, Rodrigo Lopez is still a free agent.

Needing something encouraging after reading that?

Patterson’s agent, Scott Boras, said he and MacPhail have had talks about six or seven of Boras’ free-agent clients, including Patterson, starting pitcher Kyle Lohse and left-handed reliever Ron Villone.

“Andy and I are talking,” Boras said. “At this point, that’s all I want to say about it.”

Hey, we’re talking to Boras again.

Octavio Dotel signed a 2 year 11 million deal with the White Sox. So after signing him and overpaying Scott Linebrink, the White Sox clearly did not pay any attention to the Orioles’ bullpen last season. I think Walker is better than both of these guys and Bradford is better than Dotel and probably as good as Linebrink. Baez…ugh.


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