O’s sign Lance Cormier

The Orioles have signed righty pitcher Lance Cormier to a minor league deal. If Cormier makes the 40 man roster, the deal turns into a 1 year $450,000 deal.

I thought he was better, but I check out his stats and they didn’t make me giddy.

Anyway, he’ll be pitching in Norfolk this season anyway. This seems like an organizational depth signing rather than a filling out the rotation move. Unless, Bedard is getting tonight and the Cormier signing was the key move that had to happen first (sarcasm).


3 Responses

  1. Do you find it ironic that Derek Jeter is pictured on the scoreboard in your Camden Yards picture that you banner your site with?

  2. I’ve hoped nobody would notice that. Maybe I should blackout the scoreboard now that the secret is out.

  3. Sorry, didn’t mean to blow your cover! I had always noticed it but it never really registered until recently…

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