Marquis? No Thanks

Ken Rosenthal says the O’s for some reason want Jason Marquis.

The Orioles, still looking for a center fielder, shortstop, left-handed reliever and closer, expect to decide by the end of the month whether they will trade Roberts and left-hander Erik Bedard. Don’t be surprised if Cubs right-hander Jason Marquis is part of a package for Roberts — the Orioles value his innings, and other clubs also have expressed interest in Marquis since the Cubs’ signing of Jon Lieber.

Jaret Wright. Steve Traschel. Russ Ortiz. Victor Zambrano.

Have we not learned anything over the past couple years? Taking a medicore pitcher who had a decent year or two and throwing him into our rotation usually doesn’t work. Thinking someone like Marquis can be thrown in the rotation, go 12-12 and eat innings might make sense if you were a GM in the NL. Marquis in AL….especially the AL East…is a scary thought.

The only way to justify an acquistion of Marquis is if the Cubs traded Marquis and Felix Pie for Brian Roberts. I could deal with Marquis for that.


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