Putting the O’s-Cubs mega-deal rumor to bed

Saw this in the Sun Times today. 

And forget about that would-be deal that would include Orioles ace Erik Bedard. Those discussions didn’t reach the level first believed, and the Cubs don’t have the players to land both.

I guess that’s the end of that. I didn’t think this was true, but you never know. Brian Roberts still could go to the Cubs at some point. If that’s to happen it needs to happen by the end of the month. Bedard and Roberts will be traded at some point, but I can’t see them being packaged together unless it was a deal like Florida and Detroit did. The Cubs aren’t going to be that team to pull it off.

I heard Ken Rosental on XM’s Baseball this Morning. To sum it up quickly:

-The Cubs and O’s rumor wasn’t true.

-The Reds are interested in Bedard, but they would have to give up Jay Bruce.

-The O’s need to trade both before the start of season to get the rebuilding going fulfledge, but Bedard could get a bigger return from a bigger pool of teams at the trading the trading deadline. The only problem with waiting til then though, is the risk of injury.

-The trades need happen because the O’s need to get someone to play centerfield, shortstop, and close.

That’s all that I caught, but it was good to heard some talk about the O’s on the radio.


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