Angelos kills mega-trade with Cubs? Truth or Fiction?

I think this is bull, but let’s give it a reasonable look. 

The Sun Times says Petey killed a monster deal that would have sent BOTH Erik Bedard and Brian Roberts to the Chicago Cubs for 7 players. The names of the supposed 7 haven’t came up.

Meanwhile, Roch says this is boulderdash.

It’s basically a he said, she said situation. Chicago claims Angelos is his old self and the Warehouse is in denial mode. Angelos doesn’t really get the benefit of the doubt from me. It wouldn’t surprise me if he killed this deal. He did kill the deal last offseason with the Braves (Roberts for LaRoche and Giles….I’m glad he did by the way).  Supposedly, MacPhail has total control now, if that’s true and he nixed this then that’s not good.

As to the deal though, we kind of need to know who the seven players in return are before we label this good or bad. I’d rather have Bedard and Roberts dealt seperately, that way we’d get have a better chance of getting more.

A deal like this would completely annihilate the Cubs farm system, so I find this hard to believe. They’d have to give up Rich Hill, Carlos Marmol, Felix Pie, Tyler Colvin and Donald Veal plus others to make this happen. I know the Cubs are becoming Yankee/Red Sox spend big money to win now team, but this doesn’t make sense to me. The fact that this weekend is Cubs convention is no surprise that this rumor is out.

To sum it up,

The Cubs say Petey nixed it

The O’s Curtain of Silence said this is bull

And we’re left with more rumors and spectulation. blahhhhh.


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