Odds and Ends

Not a whole lot happening, so I figured it’d be good to catch up on a few items that slipped by the wayside.

Jeremy Guthrie got a new one year deal. He gets paid $770,000 as long as he’s on the major league roster. If he gets sent to the minors then he gets paid $247,000. I’m thinking that Guthrie should have no problem staying on the major league roster on the 2008 Baltimore Orioles. If/When Bedard gets traded, Guthrie’s actually the number 1 starter. Who else? Daniel Cabrera? I’m sick of saying this will be the year he gets it together and becomes the pitcher he’s supposed to be. Chances are he’ll pitch a few gems and get knocked around some and then have a bunch of 5 inning performances. Brian Burres? Nothing more than a long relief guy. Adam Loewen? He’s got potential, but let’s see how he comes back. Troy Patton? He’s supposed to be a great prospect, let’s see how he pans out. Garrett Olson? We’ll see. Do I need to go on? Lots of question marks in the rotation and really no sure things if/when Bedard goes. Guthrie was a nice surprise last season but let’s see how he does this season.

The O’s could move to Dodgertown with the whole Fort Lauderdale/FFA thing not working out. Would Dodgertown be renamed Orioletown? O-town?

Aubrey Huff had herina surgery. Yeah, insert your own joke here. I guess he won’t bat his weight until the last quarter of the season when you factor in the fact that he’s a slow starter (1/2 the season right there) and then add this in (another 1/4 of the season).

Things keep getting worse for Miggi. Now it appears there’s a chance he could lose his immigration status.

Luis Terrero is BACK!!!!!

Speaking of things that are back, I have Feedblitz back on the blog. I forgot to set this back up when I moved from blogger. The icon is underneath the brand spanking new SEARCH function.


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