Cleaning House….here

You may have noticed that things around here look slightly different. I added my email address, cleaned up the blogroll alittle, added a search, and cleaned up the categories. I’ve been meaning to clean up the categories for awhile. It’s been a bit dated with ‘Big Jon Knott, Perlozzo watch, and a bunch for throw away categories. It’s a stream line operation that I run here, so there’s no room for wasted space.

If you run an O’s blog, a good baseball blog, or know one that I’ve overlooked….either comment here or use the aforementioned flashy new info that I put with the email and send it to me.  I will be doing a few more tweaks on the old blog here, but nothing major. I like the look.

You may have noticed that I’ve been posting more lately too. Changing jobs can do that. That and the fact I’ve been a little more motivated with this lately.


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  1. nice.

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