More Trade Talk

Rosenthal weighs in.

Apparently, the Mariners really want Bedard and cou be inching closer to a deal. The Indians and Reds are also still in.

MLB Trade Rumors has good post with what’s going on with Bedard.

I didn’t think the Mariners would be good trading partners, but it looks like I was wrong. A Bedard for Adam Jones, Jeff Clement, and Carlos Triunfel would be great. The centerfield is taken care of. An outfield of Scott, Jones, and Markakis would make me happy. Clement can catch, but when and if Wieters comes up maybe one can play first base…or alternate between catcher and DH. Or Clement could be flipped later. Triunfel’s young, but in a few seasons he can be starting a short stop.

The Indians, Mets, and Cubs all have interest in Roberts, which the Cubs being who he thinks wins out. The Cubs make the most sense to me too.

Hopefully, these trades work out soon so we can move on from trade rumors and see what kind of team we have.


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