That’s the best you could come up with?

“This is Birdland”

That’s the tagline for the 2008 Orioles marketing campaign. Hey, its not a very good one. I winced when I saw it. It’d be laughable it wasn’t so…depressing is too strong, disheartening isn’t the right word…all right, it’s laughable.

Now to their defense, there’s not much to market right now. Miguel Tejada, the face of the franchise has been traded. The other two best known players, Erik Bedard and Brian Roberts will likely be traded at some point this offseason as well. So the only player you can knowing market is Nick Markakis.

I’m imagining the Yankees looking at their schedule and shaking their heads.

“Aw man, we gotta go face the Orioles next week. I hate going to Birdland. That’s a tough joint.”

Then there’s the score(s?) of O’s fans next year, defending the honor of our beloved Birdland. We will not surrender our sacred beloved Birdland to any rogue who doesn’t wear our orange and black. Blood will decorate Eutaw Street before we surrender Birdland.

Do we really need this? Do we need some little tagline to entice us to see our team play?

“Well, I wasn’t planning on seeing any Orioles games next season, but dang it, that ‘This is Birdland’ campaign really won me over.”

If the marketing department insists on these campaigns, here’s a few that are better…

“This year we can’t blame it on Miggi”

“Cal had his streak. We’ve got ours, be a part of 12 years of losing”

“O’s: Flippin’ you the Bird for 11 years.”

“Hey, at least the BBQ is good.”

“The Ravens weren’t good either and you paid and saw them.”

or how about

“Come see a baseball game”

 If you don’t have a team to market, market the game. Try to sell someone on how great the game of baseball is. The 2008 Baltimore Orioles will likely be a bad team, but its still a baseball game. Just try and advertise how fun going to baseball game is. I’ll hold off on any more sarcasm until I see some commericals or whatever else they decide to do this with.

It just makes more sense to advertise the game than apparently what was a recycled campaign from the 1980’s.


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