MacPhail: Angelos hasn’t nixed a trade

From the Sun

Orioles owner Peter Angelos didn’t veto a proposed trade that would have sent ace pitcher Erik Bedard to the Seattle Mariners for a package headed by young outfielder Adam Jones, team president Andy MacPhail said today.

Asked if Angelos was responsible for nixing a deal, MacPhail responded, “No.” He wouldn’t elaborate further or provide details on why the talks appear to have hit a snag.

I tend to believe MacPhail. He really doesn’t like talking to the press apparently. Over the past few days, I’ve grown to realize that his operating method is not a quick moving style but rather a deliberate, calucated though frustrating slowpaced method. That said, I’d rather have him hold out and get the right deal done slowly rather than make a quick trade that’s not a good one.

We’ve had to ‘done deal’ trades that haven’t happened yet but still could.

O’s talking Bedard extension?!?!?!

From the Official O’s site

A last-minute attempt by the Baltimore Orioles to sign Erik Bedard to a multi-year contract appears to be the only thing standing in the way of a proposed trade that would send the left-hander to the Seattle Mariners for as many as five players, including 22-year-old outfielder Adam Jones.

What?!? This is part of rebuilding. I think Bedard is awesome…but what? In order to rebuild, then Bedard has to be traded. Keeping him hinders rebuilding. He can pitch his guts out every fifth day, lead the majors in strikeouts, win the Cy Young and it still wouldn’t help the team out that much until there’s a solid core to help him out.  Maybe this is just an attempt to appease Petey. This trade has much twists and turns than a rollercoast.

Baker: Jones Hip issue is nonsense, deal finalized tonight?

Geoff Baker has another update.

Those crazy rumors out of Baltimore yesterday that Adam Jones has a degenerative hip condition? Toss them out the window. Not a touch of truth to it. Both sides are laughing that one off emphatically. Yes, Jones was being brought in for a physical. But it wasn’t for a serious type of injury or anything that would be a deal-breaker. So, there’s nothing on that front that would impede a trade.

Apparently Stan the fan was wrong about that one. I’m happy about that. I want Jones to be an O, but even if he won’t, I still wish him well.

 What held this deal up? I heard on Sunday night, within moments of his being told, that Orioles owner Peter Angelos was furious to learn that news of the impending deal had broken. He was about to head into the hospital for a minor procedure the next day and could not believe Adam Jones had spilled the beans. Would it be beyond Angelos to hold things up another 48, or 72 hours before giving his go-ahead and making everyone sweat a little? Nope.

I wouldn’t put it past our boy Pete to hold up a trade for a few days out of spite. That could be part of the hold up, but I think MacPhail’s trying to squeeze another good prospect out them. Check out the whole article, its a good one.

Anyway, a trade could go down as soon as tonight. The offer isn’t going to get much better probably thanks to the Twins overplaying their hand with Santana.


The latest from Churchill

Four-for-one, as reported Monday, consummated Thursday or Friday.

It seems that those with each club that jumped the gun did so because both teams knew that Seattle wasn’t going to improve their offer at that point, and both teams learned that Baltimore believed that offer met their demands.

That wasn’t going to stop Andy McPhail from trying to get more, and it wasn’t going to change the fact that Peter Aneglos did have to sign off on the deal.

But the same Orioles rep that gave me the trade offer details has told me Angelos has told McPhail he’s fine with the trade as long as extending Erik Bedard is not a realistic option at this point.

McPhail has apparently informed Angelos that extending Bedard is not the best route to putting a contending team on the field sooner than later, at least in his opinion.

All right, so…

– MacPhail has apparently been trying to squeeze more from the M’s, if so….I’m fine with the wait.

-Angelos is cool with this as long as we can’t resign Bedard.

-This offer is better (0r looks better) than the one the Twins got for Santana.

So hopefully by tomorrow, this saga will be done.

Other teams back in the mix?

It appears that the stalled (or extremely slow moving) talks between the Mariners and the Santana trade to the Mets may have thrown a few teams back into the mix for Erik Bedard.

Maybe MacPhail is a genius. Holding out until Santana gets trade and have an offer from another team out in public can get some other teams involved and try to top the M’s offer. Maybe its just lucky timing. Maybe a deal still doesn’t happen. But Bedard is now the best pitcher on the market.

I could see these teams in a possible mix





M’s (duuuuuuuuuuuuh)



Red Sox


Maybe the White Sox, Phillies, or Braves

I think that the Mariners deal still happens. MacPhail might just see if some team swoops in during the next day or two and tops the M’s offer.

Roch still thinks this happens too…

We’ve been startled by enough false alarms when it comes to trades, but people I’ve spoken with over the last 24 hours sound more encouraged about Erik Bedard going to the Mariners. I still believe it’s going to happen.

2008 Offense Prediction

Baseball Musings has predictions for the offense this season. It looks like it’ll be better better this season without Tejada. Luke Scott might be a better player than we think. Of course, this all can change with a Brian Roberts trade and an Erik Bedard trade with the players that those will bring.

Of course, at this point, I’m not holding my breath.  

Crunch time for Roberts to Cubs?

It’s time for Brian Roberts to go to the Cubs if it’s going to happen.

The Cubs are the eager bystanders in the whole affair, frothing as they wait for a chance to pounce on Roberts. But if a Bedard deal is indeed a litmus test of MacPhail’s autonomy in deal-making, as has been widely suggested, then any holdup by Angelos, a meddlesome headache for his GMs for years, could doom any possible deal for Roberts, one of Angelos’ favorite Oriole players.

Please….please…please, let this circus be over.