Ending the year with an obscenity

It’s been a busy month. I’ve spent most of my weekends out of town and the rest of time has been crammed in with yuletide obligations. This weekend things had slowed down and having some down time at the house. So I was flipping around and I saw ESPN Classic had an Orioles game on. Naturally, my heart skipped a beat. I hit the info button and saw “1996 ALCS Game 1.” It was the freaking Jeffrey Maier game. As disgusted as I was, I still watched it. They were running a “Bad Call” marathon and this game was a sure fire pick.

I still watched it. After this game there was game 4 of the 1969 World Series between the O’s and Mets. Salt in the wound day apparently. I shouldn’t have watched it because it made me sick. But I wanted to watch it. This was when the Orioles were good. There was no Red Sox v. Yanks then. It was O’s v. Yanks. Cal Ripken was still playing. Eddie Murray was still playing. Brady Anderson was still in center. We thought Raffy was clean then. Davey Johnson was in the dugout. It was a good time to be an Oriole fan…up until this day anyway.

I wanted to watch to see this again. There was no black hole at first base. We have proven starting pitching. Center field was no issue. It was a good team. That’s what I wanted to see, a good Orioles team…in the playoffs. I was enjoying the game up until the moment you’d think.

It made me as sick as you’d imagine.

My stomach turned as they showed replay after replay of this snotnosed kid.

The way the Yankee fans cheered him…for interferring with a game.

The fact that the umps never got it right.

This is in fact, the last time I’ll ever mention this game here. It’s ugly history, but it’s history. We got screwed and that’s never going to change. Jeffery Maier is not a kid anymore and grew up.

But it still made me sick.

For happier baseball, tune into MASN tomorrow. They’ll be showing the 1970 World Series for the better part of the day. There’ll be no wretched calls, Yankees, or Jeffrey Maier.


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