Bedard to Dodgers near?

Nothing yet, but I saw this.

I hope the O’s do get another player out of this. Kemp would be a good piece and Broxton could fill right in for Chris Ray as closer. Not trying to greedy, but pitching is at a premium. In a world where medicore pitchers like Gil Meche and Kevin Milwood get big money, I think Bedard can  get three players. If they want they can have Jay Payton too. I’d like a starting pitcher prospect back in the trade or at least a first baseman.

The Marlins traded Miguel Cabrera and Dontrelle Willis to the Tigers for six players (Andrew Miller and a slew of prospects). The Tigers are gonna have a heckuva line-up. Didn’t see that coming. But with that out of the way, Tejada should get moved soon.

That’s likely it for me until Sunday, but if a trade happens before I hit the road, I’ll do a quickie post. 


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  1. I saw this too and it’s the best deal I’ve seen yet offered for Bedard. I think it’s enough to get Bedard but I’m so high on Kemp I might trade Bedard for him straight up!

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