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Bye bye Bedard?

Surprise, surprise….Erik Bedard has no interest whatsoever in resigning with the Orioles. I can’t say I’m stunned. Does he want to sign back on to play for a team that is finally heading toward rebuild mode after ten straight losing year or take the money and go to a better team?

That said, I’ll miss Bedard….whenever he does get traded. He really turned the corner this season and showed that he’s something special. It’s got that this is happening now so that a trade can happen instead of the usual. We know the usual all to well…the O’s hold out hope that they can keep a player but when the time comes they bolt and they have nothing to show for it.

There’s no pressure for the Orioles to trade him now. If a team, like the Dodgers, offer them a package that’s a good one they can take it. If there’s not a fair offer, Bedard is under team control for 2 more years. There’s time to wait and think that at next season’s trading deadline that a better offer can come their way. That said, there’s always a risk. If they wait to trade him, he could get injured or have a bad first half. That’s risk though.  I still don’t think a trade happens this week….but its gonna happen.

The Giants and Astros have interest in Miggi. I have little interest in Adam Everett or really anything the Astros have to offer. I don’t know what the Giants have to offer, but we’ll see.

Here’s the teams that are apparently in the Tejada Derby




Cardinals (I’m sure the Izturis signing won’t stop them)



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