A little o’ this, a little o’ that

I’ve tried to post a couple times in the past week but its hard, to quite hard to post when there’s really nothing going on. Since I’ll be heading out to Missouri next Wednesday, I figured I needed to get a few posts in before I leave.

Sure, there was that bogus rumor about the Orioles being interested in headcase/steroid aficinado Jose Gullien. But I really didn’t feel like wasting space on that. If MacPhail wasn’t there and Flannagan and Duquette were still running the show, I’d believe it.

The Cards signed Cesar Izturis. I let out a big sigh of a relief on that. Personally, I’d rather have that scrappy David Eckstein at short that no-hit Izturis. Apparently a couple years of years ago Eckstein had his name legally changed to Scrappy David Eckstein. All of the announcers (especially the Fox guys) refer to that at every at bat. Back to Izturis though, Izturis = Luis Hernandez. It’s a push.

A few trades happened.

Lastings Milledge’s stock has bottomed out. This was the guy who the Mets wouldn’t trade in the deal for Barry Zito. Now he’s basically dumped to the Nats for Ryan Church and Brian Schineder. While both are average players, a year or two the Mets would have scoffed at this offer. Is it because Milledge isn’t going to be the player they thought he’d be or is it because he might have a bit of attitude and they don’t like his albums? Either way, I think the Nats made a good move regardless of whether Milledge becomes a superstar or now. When you’re a bad team, gambles like this are pretty easy.

 I’m just trying to figure this one out of the Mets’ end. I thought they needed pitching. Milledge is an outfielder….so is Church. Schneider is a catcher…so is Johnny Estrada who they traded for a week ago (whom they’ll plenty non-tender now).  

OF Delmon Young, IF Brendan Harris, OF Jason Pridie go to the Twins and SP Matt Garza, SS Jason Bartlett, RP Eduardo Morlan go to the Devil Rays. This looks like one of those rare win-win deals for both teams. The Twins needed an OFer and they get one who could be dang good in Young. The Devil Rays needed pitching and they get Garza. The other players aren’t throw-ins either.

Tori Hunter signed a 5 year 90 million dollar contract with the Angels. Insane money for a 32 year old outfielder. Hunter’s a good player, but 18 million a year? That’s crazy talk. But he’s no fool though, he signed the deal.

The Winter Meetings are fixing to kick off. Of course, if nothing happens I’m sure there’ll be plenty of O’s fans ready to storm the warehouse. I sure hope something happens. Naturally, some of the big trades don’t happen til after the meetings. The groundwork gets laid during the meetings and then a week or three later, they seal the deal.

A few things I’m predicting will happen

Santana goes to Yankees

Miggi gets traded (Angels or Dodgers I’m guessing)

Bedard does not, but the GROUNDWORK (there’s that word again) gets laid

Miggy Cabrera does not get traded and won’t because of the Marlins requests for a team’s top ten players, a new stadium, and the moon.

Not happening during the meetings, but if the Yanks trade Melky Cabrera to the Twins in a package for Santana, the Yankees then will sign Andruw Jones to play center.


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