Ending the year with an obscenity

It’s been a busy month. I’ve spent most of my weekends out of town and the rest of time has been crammed in with yuletide obligations. This weekend things had slowed down and having some down time at the house. So I was flipping around and I saw ESPN Classic had an Orioles game on. Naturally, my heart skipped a beat. I hit the info button and saw “1996 ALCS Game 1.” It was the freaking Jeffrey Maier game. As disgusted as I was, I still watched it. They were running a “Bad Call” marathon and this game was a sure fire pick.

I still watched it. After this game there was game 4 of the 1969 World Series between the O’s and Mets. Salt in the wound day apparently. I shouldn’t have watched it because it made me sick. But I wanted to watch it. This was when the Orioles were good. There was no Red Sox v. Yanks then. It was O’s v. Yanks. Cal Ripken was still playing. Eddie Murray was still playing. Brady Anderson was still in center. We thought Raffy was clean then. Davey Johnson was in the dugout. It was a good time to be an Oriole fan…up until this day anyway.

I wanted to watch to see this again. There was no black hole at first base. We have proven starting pitching. Center field was no issue. It was a good team. That’s what I wanted to see, a good Orioles team…in the playoffs. I was enjoying the game up until the moment you’d think.

It made me as sick as you’d imagine.

My stomach turned as they showed replay after replay of this snotnosed kid.

The way the Yankee fans cheered him…for interferring with a game.

The fact that the umps never got it right.

This is in fact, the last time I’ll ever mention this game here. It’s ugly history, but it’s history. We got screwed and that’s never going to change. Jeffery Maier is not a kid anymore and grew up.

But it still made me sick.

For happier baseball, tune into MASN tomorrow. They’ll be showing the 1970 World Series for the better part of the day. There’ll be no wretched calls, Yankees, or Jeffrey Maier.


Merry Christmas

Just like the rest of you, it’s been a busy month for me….factor that in with the lack of news and that’s why I’ve been absent. Anyway, I’ll be back in a day or two with posting.

So until then a few tips

-Understand that cussing at traffic does not magically make them speed up. I waited until the last minute to get a few gifts. I was out today on Woodruff, the busiest road in Greenville and it was getting ugly. I was mad at the slow flow of traffic, but suprisingly all the words I had to tell the cars in front of me to speed up and the lights to turn green didn’t work. It probably won’t work for you.

-Usually gift buying on clearance racks are bad ideas. I went to buy a few gift cards at some clothing stores today and the clearance racks are magnets for me. There’s usually something good on there….but usually one good thing. What you might like, might not work for others. Members Only jackets are bad ideas…I saw a woman today buy 2 of them. She told the cashier they were coming back in style. I didn’t want to tell her, but they were never in style. Hey, I found some good hoodies for 5 bucks, teams that play nowhere near here (Angels, Islanders, Mariners) but that was the only good thing on the rack, unless visions of 4XL sweater vests, baby blue blazers with white stripes, or sweat pants dance in your heads.

-Don’t buy stuff on your Christmas list. My Dad does this….he makes a list and then buys stuff on it. I got the call today that he bought something today that I bought him already. I’m tempted on my way there to buy several desk fountains out of spite tonight.

-Drink plenty of egg nog. It’s only around two months a year and it mixes well.

-Feliz Navidad is a wretched song.

Anyway, enjoy the holidays and I’ll be back in a day or two.

Mitchell Report hits

The Mitchell report came today and honestly, I’m underwhelmed. There were a few big names, but it’s mostly the names we expected. The only name I didn’t expect to see was Andy Pettitte, but all of the other big names are ones we’ve heard before.

Roger Clemens….its not a shock, because we’ve heard his name mention.

Barry Bonds, Jason Giambi, Miguel Tejada, Gary Sheffield, Eric Gagne, and Troy Glaus are names we’ve heard before. I was thinking we’d see some names come out of nowhere.

Roch posted earlier that a leaked report came out saying that Johnny Damon, Nomar, Jason Varitek, and Brady Anderson were named. Turns out their names were not in the report and he retracted the post. That’s what I was looking for, but all we really got were the names we already knew, some medicore players, some has beens, and some never weres. No big whoop really. It does show there’s plenty of players using banned substances, but it seems there’s nothing new here. Most of the names we know (cept for us O’s fans) are safe. Maybe I’m getting a bit conspiracy minded here, but I feel like a lot of the big names were protected.

Here’s your Orioles (mostly ex-O’s) that were listed

Brian Roberts, Jay Gibbons, Larry Bigbie, David Segui, Rafael Palmeiro, Jack Cust, Jason Grimsley, Miguel Tejada, Jerry Hairston, Tim Laker, Kevin Brown, Gary Matthews Jr., Gregg Zaun, Howie Clark, Todd Williams and Kent Mercker

(names from Roch’s blog)

Only Roberts and Gibbons are now current O’s, for now anyways. I forgot some of these players were ever Orioles. Kent Mercker, Kevin Brown? The surprising thing is how bad most of these players are or were. Todd Williams? How bad would he have been if he hadn’t used performance enhancers? Howie Clark? So much for them helping every player.

Seeing Robert’s name is disheartening, but it was expected. Gibbons….well, we saw that coming. Miggi, our former franchise savior, well….we knew that was coming too.

It’s sad for the game that this stuff has to hit, but I think the problem is much deeper than this. Hopefully the buzz that this causes will put the gears in motion to cut out all the cheaters, not just the disappointing list we’ve gotten today. In a way, I’m glad not a lot big names were mentioned. That’s just the delusional fan in me thinking that most players are clean. The realistic fan in me though knows that there’s a lot more players than the motley crew we’ve gotten here.

Tejada to Houston

Let the rebuilding begin.  

It finally happened, Tejada’s been traded.

Tejada goes to the Astros for outfielder Luke Scott, pitchers Matt Albers, Troy Patton and Dennis Sarfate, and third-base prospect Michael Costanzo. I didn’t see this coming. The Angels or Dodgers, sure. The Giants sounded likely….but I didn’t think the Astros had enough to make this happen. The fact that Adam Everett isn’t in this deal is all the better. Everett is a great defensive player/horrible offensive player who shouldn’t be starting for a rebuilding team.

As for what we got, some down in Houston aren’t happy. Richard Justice has this to say. It sounds like Patton and Albers could be good pieces for the team. Scott isn’t a bad player, but he’s almost 30 and I’m thinking he’ll get traded again before he put on an Orioles’ uniform. Sarfate and Costanzo are wildcards in the deal. I’m hoping this is the revenge of the Glenn Davis trade.

All in all, I’m kind of surprised this is what we ended up for Tejada. Its not a bad deal and I think we come out on the better end of this, but a year or two ago, the deal would have been better. The Mitchell report comes out tomorrow, I wonder if that’s just a coincidence.

But I’ll miss Miggi. He’s been a good player for the O’s, but he has not place on this team. He needs to be on a contending team. With the Astros, he has a better chance. I wish him the best.

I’ll do more on this over the next few days, but I wanted to get this out today….since it is kind of big news.

On “Vacation”

I’m heading out and fixing to enjoy a 12 hour or so drive to Missouri, so there’ll be no posting here til Sunday. Hopefully in my time away, the O’s pull the trigger on a trade or four. I’d like some good news to come back to. Anyway, onto coffee and red bull for 800 miles.

Bedard to Dodgers near?

Nothing yet, but I saw this.

I hope the O’s do get another player out of this. Kemp would be a good piece and Broxton could fill right in for Chris Ray as closer. Not trying to greedy, but pitching is at a premium. In a world where medicore pitchers like Gil Meche and Kevin Milwood get big money, I think Bedard can  get three players. If they want they can have Jay Payton too. I’d like a starting pitcher prospect back in the trade or at least a first baseman.

The Marlins traded Miguel Cabrera and Dontrelle Willis to the Tigers for six players (Andrew Miller and a slew of prospects). The Tigers are gonna have a heckuva line-up. Didn’t see that coming. But with that out of the way, Tejada should get moved soon.

That’s likely it for me until Sunday, but if a trade happens before I hit the road, I’ll do a quickie post. 

Bye bye Bedard?

Surprise, surprise….Erik Bedard has no interest whatsoever in resigning with the Orioles. I can’t say I’m stunned. Does he want to sign back on to play for a team that is finally heading toward rebuild mode after ten straight losing year or take the money and go to a better team?

That said, I’ll miss Bedard….whenever he does get traded. He really turned the corner this season and showed that he’s something special. It’s got that this is happening now so that a trade can happen instead of the usual. We know the usual all to well…the O’s hold out hope that they can keep a player but when the time comes they bolt and they have nothing to show for it.

There’s no pressure for the Orioles to trade him now. If a team, like the Dodgers, offer them a package that’s a good one they can take it. If there’s not a fair offer, Bedard is under team control for 2 more years. There’s time to wait and think that at next season’s trading deadline that a better offer can come their way. That said, there’s always a risk. If they wait to trade him, he could get injured or have a bad first half. That’s risk though.  I still don’t think a trade happens this week….but its gonna happen.

The Giants and Astros have interest in Miggi. I have little interest in Adam Everett or really anything the Astros have to offer. I don’t know what the Giants have to offer, but we’ll see.

Here’s the teams that are apparently in the Tejada Derby




Cardinals (I’m sure the Izturis signing won’t stop them)