Lots and lots of trade talk

Erik Bedard could be heading to the Dodgers. If there’s a team I’d like him to be traded to, the Dodgers are at the top of the list. They have a multitude of prospects and getting Matt Kemp would be a good starting piece for the outfield. Imagine an outfield of Markakis, Kemp, and hopefully Nolan Reimhold. That’s a young outfield that a team could have for years and years to come.

I’d love to keep Bedard, but I doubt it happens. If he turns down the extension, then do the next best thing (or possibly the best thing) and trade him for three great prospects and fill some holes and build the team up.

Miggi could be heading to the Angels, with more from the Sun.

Who would replace our boy Miggi?

If the Orioles trade Tejada and aren’t convinced Luis Hernandez is ready to take over as the starting shortstop, one potential replacement is Cesar Izturis, whose option was not picked up by the Pittsburgh Pirates. The Orioles have discussed acquiring the slick-fielding Izturis in the past.

I want no part of Cesar Izturis. Not as a 1 year stop gap even. He can’t hit and I’d rather concede the losses for the next year or two and go with Luis Hernandez. He’s not the answer probably, but can he be worse than Izturis?

Want proof? He’s Izturis’ baseball reference page.

Yes, I know not all shortstops hit like Miggi. In fact, very few do. BUT very few don’t hit like Izturis.

Mora and Ramon might be on their ways out too. Obviously, neither will be long-term pieces of this team’s future, so trading them would be the smart move. Let’s see what Scott Moore and JR House are made of and give them their shot. Shoot, let’s give Scott Moore and Paul Bako their shot.

The Rangers are sweet on Kevin Millar. I like Millar, but just like with the rest of the vets, they’re not going to be part of the answer.

Whew. Lots of talk…lots of it. Let’s hope that for a change, we see some trades happen. That’s gonna be it for me here til Friday since I’ll catching with friends in town and a little eatting as well. If a trade does go down, I might find a few minutes to pry myself from my gravy IV and do a post. Have a good Thanksgiving everybody.


2 Responses

  1. Scott Moore is the future. He’s young, hungry and needs a stable location to improve his trade. A power-hitting lefty? Who doesn’t need that?

    Let’s not forget….. Scott originally was a shortstop. Look at his fielding when he steps in the SS during practise…..

    Scott is the “pearl in the oyster” for the Orioles. But you gotta look past the tucky stuff to see that pearl. Patience and vision….. do the Orioles have that? Trembley obviously does. Go O’s.

  2. RE: Izturis

    Dear God, no!

    Forget his hitting, Cesar hasn’t been a slick fielding shortstop for two full seasons. He’s living off of a rep that can’t be supported by any metric or the naked eye. This would be a colossal blunder, even bigger than Paul Bako who was signed because of his long gone defensive prowess.

    Good glove, no hit guys are fine…as long as they atually still possess the glove!

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