A few things from Roch

Caught on reading Roch’s always awesome blog and saw a few things I figured I’d comment on.

When you read that new Orioles bench coach Dave Jauss was the Red Sox’s first base coach, minor league field coordinator, bench coach, director of player development and an advance scout, is your first reaction, “Wow, what a versatile guy!” Or, “This guy can’t hold a job!”

I’m going with the versatility angle.

The Red Sox obviously thought enough of Jauss to keep him in the organization until he joined Grady Little in Los Angeles. He’s also managed in the minors, so he has a wealth of knowledge that the Orioles can tap into at any given moment.

Glad the coaching staff hiring is complete. I’ve never heard of Dave Jauss and I like that. I don’t want an ex-manager (Don Baylor, Larry Bowa, Jerry Manuel etc) to come and be a bench coach because that creates the illusion that Trembley is a bad half season away from getting the axe and they’ve got their man sitting right beside him.

Though Orioles officials will be busy this week, it would be a major surprise if they pulled off a trade. It’s just not expected to happen this soon. But stay tuned. Maybe someone will overwhelm them.

I should run a poll asking what you think will happen to Jay Gibbons, since so many people are asking me – and I honestly don’t know. I’m sure the Orioles don’t want to eat his contract, but that would be choice No. 1. They could attempt to trade him for an equally bad contract (No. 2), or keep him and hope that he stays healthy and has a productive season as a left-handed DH and pinch-hitter.

Since MacPhail isn’t responsible for the contract, he’s more likely to release Gibbons than the individuals who negotiated the extension. But I’m sure the Orioles will look to trade him first. I just can’t imagine that there’s a long line of takers.

That extension looks dumber by the second. In my opinion, Gibbons won’t an O next season. I hope so anyway. He’s the least dependable player on a team filled with undependables. The trade market for Gibbons is laughable. Who wants an injury prone plagued outfielder who can’t play the outfield, bats for .180, has a horrible horrible contract and is suspected of steriod use?

Nobody should be surprised if Miguel Tejada is being fitted for a new uniform by the time the three executives return to Baltimore, though next month’s winter meetings will provide another opportunity to move the shortstop if a deal isn’t completed this week. But the odds of Tejada being with the Orioles on Opening Day are about the same as Barry Bonds getting an asterisk tattoo on his left bicep.

Miggi played his last game as an O. Its overdue. Its been discussed. We’ll discuss it again when it goes down.

They’re not looking to contend in 2008. They’re trying to rid themselves of bad contracts, and move players who can bring prospects in return while waiting for their own to climb the organizational ladder and join Nick Markakis on the big league roster. If they can, they’ll plug in a mid-level free-agent as a stop-gap, most likely in the rotation. Nothing splashy. If it isn’t Steve Trachsel – and yes, he’s available – it’ll be his clone. And we’ll be asked to remain patient and put our faith in a redesigned front office, coaching and developmental staff that have the right ideas in mind. Now it’s a matter of executing them.I’ll be patient for this. If there’s a vision and a plan that’s finally be executed that will get this team (over time) back to where it should be, I can deal with a few more crummy seasons. Just no more signing Millars and Huffs and saying we’re almost there.

For those of you anticipating big news to come out of the GM meetings today – or anytime this week – you might be a little disappointed.

Though Orioles officials will be busy this week, it would be a major surprise if they pulled off a trade. It’s just not expected to happen this soon. But stay tuned. Maybe someone will overwhelm them.

End of Roch talking, beginning of me talking (can’t fix the mishap I had with the indent key)

Hey, for once I was hoping we’d come out of the gate with the big trade. That’s not happening. We’ll hear the talk of being smart and holding out for the right deal. That’s true and that’s fine. There’s the talk of letting the market set itself. I hate that. We can wait  and get the right deals but let’s not kill good deals by sandbagging. Let’s not wait til January or Febuary for A-Rod to sign and then court the losers of the sweepstakes. By then most teams will have filled their holes and we’re left holding what we had last season.

Anyway, that’s it for now. Thanks to Roch for giving me something to read during the offseasn and a little hope that things will finally change.


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