Cleaning House

A good sign for our beleagured team is that the house is finally starting to get cleaned. So far its minor pieces mostly, but this franchise has to start getting new blood in every facet of the team to get back to where it ought to be.

Since MacPhail came aboard number of folks have been giving their walking papers


Steve Trachsel

*Trachsel served his purposed for us. I’m not going to trash him. He was better than I thought.  

Free Agents Filees

JR House

Jon Knott

*I felt both of these guys never got a fair shake. House should have gotten sometime at catcher because Paul Bako was not a must play player. I guess though, 28 year old career AAAA players aren’t the foundation for rebuilding. Still though…I would have liked to see them get at bats.

Paul Shuey

Victor Zambrano

Victor Santos

Rob Bell

Eider Torres

*I’m not gonna miss these guys. Wright was doomed from the start, a project for Leo Mazzone that couldn’t stay healthy. Bell and Shuey brought up memories of Jim Brower and John Hlama. Zambrano was a signing just to have a body in the rotation after everyone went down.


Kurt Birkins (claimed by Tampa Bay)

Adam Stern (unclaimed)

Val Majewski (unclaimed)

*Birkins was shuffled b/t Norfolk and Baltimore so much, he’s probably looking forward to playing in Tampa. It’s not that he was good or bad, he’s average. Not a huge loss. Stern and Majewski are still with the team after passing through waivers, though probably won’t be for long. Shame about Majewski, he had potential but that shoulder injury really messed things up for him.

Coaches/Front Office

Major League Coaches

Tom Treblehorn (bench coach)

Leo Mazzone (pitching coach)

Sam Meijas (1st base coach)

Sam Snider

Rudy Arias

*Mazzone’s the big name here. Firing Sam Snider or Tom Treblehorn isn’t going to turn the O’s into winners. But you have to let your manager pick his coaches, every single one of them. If it means letting some nice guys who probably weren’t the problem go, that’s the business. I hope they land on their feet. I wish Terry Crowley’s name was on this list.

minor league coaches

Andy Etchebarren (Aberdeen manager)

Bien Figueroa (Bowie Manager)

Tom Lawless (roving baserunning and infield coach)

Doc Watson (minor pitching coach)

Front Office

Jim Duquette (co-GM)

*Flannagan’s name will be here shortly.


One Response

  1. Maybe they have been let go and were not on this list, but what about the O’s scouts and Dir. of Player Development? It ALL starts on the FARM!!! Take a lesson from the Marlins and clean house where it really means something. This is where the job is not getting done.

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