The Season’s over

I’m kinda bummed that baseball season is over, but sadly this is the part of the season that us O’s fans have to live for…the off season. After 162 games of heartbreak, heartache, and a few wins, this is the time that we have to cross our fingers, hope, pray, and pray some more that this offseason will be different. Kind of like in 2003, when Lee Mazilli was named manager, Raffy was brought back, Javy Lopez was signed, and the O’s signed Miguel Tejada. That brought some buzz and misplaced hope. The only one that worked was the Tejada signing and now I believe, its time to cut bat on that. The other three moves turned out to be fiascos in every since.

-Mazilli was not a good fit. The argument can be made that a year and a half isn’t enough time. I’ll agree with that. The team had that great start under him in 2005. But apparently the whole team hated his guts.

-The Javy Lopez that came to Baltimore was not the one that played for the Atlanta Braves. The one that played for the Braves had timely hits, hit homeruns, had decent defense, stayed healthy, and didn’t whine. The one that came to Baltimore couldn’t hit his weight, did not hit homeruns, lacked on defense, COULD NOT STAY HEALTHY, and whined a lot. I still believe that he was juiced in Atlanta and came off while he was in Baltimore, that’s my thinking away. Regardless, he was a bad signing.

-Raffy…do I need to bring this subject back up?

So while we clamor for glitzy signings and big moves, let’s hope MacPhail is careful not to make the mistakes of his predecessors. No more Danys Baezs, David Seiguis, LaTroy Hawkins, Steve Klines, Sidney Ponsons, Omar Daals, or Marty Cordovas.

I’d love to see the O’s sign an Andruw Jones or Tori Hunter, but I’d much prefer it if the O’s can trade and get young centerfielder who has yet to hit the bigs or barely hit the bigs with a high ceiling….perhaps Felix Pie? I really don’t want the team to waste money on free agent band aids like they have in the past (Albert Belle) and commit to rebuiliding.

A few moves I’d like to see

– Tejada traded for multiple prospects (The loser of the ARod sweepstakes gets Miggi, I predict Miggi will be in Wrigley on opening day)

-Jay Gibbons released. No sucker is trading for Jay, its time to admit that this was a bad bad contract and cut bait.

-Erik Bedard extended. I doubt he takes it, but put the money out there. If he spurns it, start stopping him.

-Shop most of the vets on the roster. No one on a team with a decade losing streak is untouchable.

A few moves that the O’s have made.

-John “T-Bone” Shelby had been named 1st base coach

-Rick Kranitz was named pitching coach

-Bench coach has not been named

I watched very little of the World Series this time around. It seems that the ALCS and sometimes the NLCS is the best of the postseason. The Series seems to always be a sweep. And I didn’t think I could stomach watching a Red Sox win in game 4. So its goodbye to baseball until the spring. I’ll be round with hopefully good moves to post about in the offseason.


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