Trembley named new manager

Some good news today, Dave Trembley was announced as full-time manager. The deal is a one year deal with an option for 2009. So far, I like Trembley and think this is a good move. I was soundly in the Girardi camp when the team was shmoozing him, but it looks like we’ll do fine without him.

After Perlozzo, I was opposed to having someone in the team brought in. I was wanting fresh blood instead of the same old same old. But Trembley has a hardnosed way that I like. What I’m curious of is if some of the coaches stay or go, mainly thinking of Terry Crowley. I would like a new hitting coach.I’m betting Trebelhorn leaves, due his wife’s health.

Yeah, we could have waited til the offseason to get spurned by Tony LaRussa or put out feelers for managers I don’t want, Joe Torre or Ozzie Gullien. I like Trembley because of this, he’s a fresh face. Hopefully, he’s our face for a long time.


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