Orioles Need Wieters

As Roch Kubatko points out, the O’s must sign Matt Wieters today. This deal has long-term off-the-field implications. The Baltimore Sun reports the sides are only $5 million apart, which is nickels when it comes to sports contracts.

As Roch writes:

But forget for a minute that my checking account will stay the same – nearly empty – no matter what the Orioles decide. They’d be investing in more than a switch-hitting catcher. They also could be investing in their second baseman and leadoff hitter, their No. 1 starter, and any free agents with even a passing interest in coming to Baltimore.

Brian Roberts and Erik Bedard are more than a little curious to see what the Orioles plan to do in the next few years before making a long-term commitment. Do they have a plan? Are they headed in the right direction? Are they really committed to doing whatever’s necessary to field a winner – such as spending like the Steinbrenners?

If signed, Wieters presumably will be fast-tracked to the majors — and everybody know that Ramon Hernandez is signed through 2009. Yes, Scott Boras is involved, but it’s time the Orioles fork over whatever money is necessary and get the deal done.

That would be the first step in the right direction and prove that MacPhail really is making a difference.


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