I’m not surprised

Guess what…Jay Gibbons is done for the year.


Gibbons has surgery Tuesday to repair a torn labrum in his left shoulder. Thus a vastly disappointing season comes to an end. I really thought that if he was healthy he’d prove his worth. Maybe if he did injury the shoulder in May, like he thinks, that may explain a lot. Or maybe Jay Gibbons just isn’t that good. We’ll have to wait til next season to see what the case….whether he plays for the Orioles or some other team.

Gibbons has two more years and $11.9 million left on the four-year, $21.1 million deal he signed before the 2006 season. His health has always been a question mark, as he has played more than 100 games in a season just three times in seven seasons with the club. Gibbons knows there is a possibility that the club might try to dump his contract after the season, though his poor 2007 numbers and his injury history could make that difficult.

“It actually did cross my mind once,” Gibbons said when asked if he has considered whether he has played his last game as an Oriole. “You never know in this game. … I asked [the team] not to DL me until after the game [tomorrow]. If [manager Dave Trembley] needs me, I’m going to be in there. I would hope this isn’t it. All I know is I’m under contract for two more years here.”

If he stays an O, I’m betting not, let’s pray the next two seasons are better than the last two.


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