Sorry for being absent as of late. I’m in the process of moving and started the new job this week, so there’s been little spare time lately. Towards the middle of next week I’ll be moved in and probably by next weekend things should be getting back to normal.

Since I’ve been AWOL

-Chris Gomez got claimed off waivers by the Cleveland Indians and is now an ex-O. I’ll miss Gomez, but hey he’s 36 and we need to get younger. Besides, Chris has a shot at the postseason with the Indians. Good for him.

-John Parrish got traded to Seattle Mariners for a triple A outfielder. His name is Sebastian or something like that. I really don’t feel like looking it up. I won’t be missing Parrish much. It’s a shame too. He started the season so great and then went kapoot. James Hoey came up to take his place. Good stuff. Tiki Redman also was called up. Never heard of him to this point.

-Trembley is manager til the end of the season. At this point, I’m on the Trembley bandwagon. I did see some link on SI or something that said LaRussa might be someone who the O’s might have interest in, but I doubt that happens. I like Trembley and would rather have him than a name….though LaRussa would be interesting.

-Brian Burres got moved to the bullpen and Garret Olson is back in the rotation. Sound move, especially since Burres has gotten lit up over his past couple starts.

-I went to Atlanta Sunday and saw the Braves host the Rockies. It was a much better than I thought. The Braves won 6-5 in ten innings. Funny thing though, LaTroy Hawkins pitched a scoreless seventh. Then Jorge Julio…yes, Jorge Julio pitched the 8th and 9th. They were two, pardon the pun, pretty rocky innings but he made it through. I’m going to make it down to one more Braves game this season…the Nats game (That’s when my schedule works). Sadly, with the move and job change I won’t make it Camden this season.

Once things get normalized here, I’ll be back posting a few times a week and I’ll have a thing or two to ensure that there’s some more content on here.

Thanks for bearing with me.


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