The trade deadline came and went with no action from the O’s. I was really expecting anything other than maybe a Trachsel trade or Millar trade. But none of that happened. I’m not disgusted like I was this time last year. I think Trachsel could easily be slipped through waivers and traded later. What I think is happening is MacPhail is taking his time in seeing what we have in the organization from top to bottom before he trades off. He’s only been here for…what…2 months, so I’m guessing he’s doesn’t want to be quick to move. Just thinking out loud here, he might be waiting til after he axes a co-GM or two too. I don’t see this team having the two-headed tandem next season.

The offseason is where I’m thinking we’re going to be more active. Tejada’s injury pretty much killed any chance that he’d be traded until the offseason. I can wait til the offseason for some roster action.

Dave Trembley got the interim label taken off yesterday. When Girardi turned down the O’s and Trembley got the nod, I was a little disappointed. Honestly, I didn’t expect much from Trembley, but so far he’s been a breath of fresh air. As manager, he’s 21-14. With a patchwork roster, he’s worked wonders. The O’s are now 50-55 and heading towards a respectable season. I thought if we could split the NY/Boston series we’d be ok. So far we have and there’s two more games to go.

It’s refreshing watching the games now. Trembley doesn’t have that hook that Perlozzo had where he’d yank the starter right after 5. The bullpen isn’t worn down either. Trembley doesn’t use Bradford and Walker every night. Its scary to see Shuey and Parrish in there, but he said something to the effect “If we’re beating you, you’re not going to see our best bullpen guys.” I really hope Trembley and the team finishes out the season strong, so that he can keep the job. I’d rather see a fresh face like him rather than some been there, done that type like Don Baylor, Jim Fregosi, etc.

Sunday I’m going down Atlanta to see the Rockies and Braves. I’ll get to see our boy Teixiera with new team, but hopefully he’s only there for 1.5 years….and signs with us.