I’m watching the game tonight and Daniel Cabrera is having a good outing.  Thus far through 7 frames, he’s surrendered only 1 hit and struck out 3. The strikeouts are lower than what I’d like, but one hit through seven…that’s great. But as per usual, the one thing that makes us all pull our hair over Cabrera, 5 walks.

I was hoping this would be the season that he gets it all together. His last start of last season, that electrifying 1 hitter of the Yankees, made me think this season would be his. A 6-10 record record and a 5.30 ERA is not what I had hoped for. Frankly I’m getting sick of hearing that ‘if he ever gets it together, with his nasty stuff, he’ll be unstoppable.’ It’s getting old.

I’ve seen a few articles on the Teixiera trade market. Cabrera’s name has been mentioned as the centerpiece for the O’s to send. I’d be all over that. If Cabrera goes to Texas and gets together, so be it. I can live with it. But you can only squeak on by with that potential card for so long. And in my opinion, so long is up.

On a more positive note, I’ve been watching the game tonight. It’s Cal Ripken night and its been a great atmosphere. The house looks packed and the crowd is loud. Did I mention the O’s are playing the Devil Rays? It’s great to see. It’s just too bad that it’s not like this every night.


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