Glad Jay Gibbons decided to show up last night. It’s been a wretched season for Jay thus far. Part of it is the fact that he’s almost a player without a position. He can play outfield, but he’s a below average defensive player. I’ve seen it before and you have too…on many occasions. The 1st base experiment didn’t work, though honestly, I don’t think it was given enough time. Of course, he can DH…but he whined about that too. That all said, if you can’t hit your weight, why should a team move you the head of a logjam of medicore players?

Last night Gibby finally had a night that makes you wonder, ‘why can’t he do that on a regular basis?’ Apparently at some point yesterday, I was drugged with an elephant tranquilizer and slept through most of the evening and early into the night. I woke up and remembered that the game was, so I sleepstumbled around and turned it on. It was the 6th inning and Huff just drew a walk. 2 on, 2 outs and down by 2. Jay Gibbons comes up to bat and I think, ‘he’s going to foul a ball, then pop up the next one…end of inning.’

NO SIR! Jay crowns King Felix (I hate that nickname) with a 3 run HR. Jay follows that up with a bloop two run single. Hope Jay does this more often. Thank God Jeremy Guthrie finally got some run support.

Tom Verducci has an article about our O’s on SI. A few highlights…

Dave Trembley might be 23 games into becoming the next Tom Kelly. Kelly was the interim manager of the 1986 Twins, whose general manager, Andy MacPhail, had no initial interest in keeping him as his full-time manager. But after a 23-game cameo, Kelly earned MacPhail’s trust and was named Minnesota manager. Kelly promptly won a world championship in his first full season on the job, to which he added another four years later.

I’m not ready to say that yet.

The Orioles do have a foundation of young pitching on which to build. Erik Bedard, 28, is a rising star. Daniel Cabrera, 26, is an enigma who too often can’t find the plate but who has the stuff to be dominant. *(If I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard that…I’d be a rich man)Adam Loewen, 23, Jeremy Guthrie, 28, and Garrett Olson, 23, can be useful starters. But the Orioles need much more. The next two weeks before the trading deadline ought to be busy for MacPhail, who knows the team’s need are many and obvious. “The janitors in the ballpark could tell you what they are,” MacPhail said

Great line.

The Orioles are overloaded with spare parts, guys who may have some value as part-time players on winning teams, but nothing close to building blocks for a team that has to be better than the Yankees and Red Sox to even think about the playoffs.

Again true. It’s a solid piece with a list of things he thinks the O’s should do. You can go to the article for that. There’s also two errors in the article. I’ll give a long distance high five to anyone and everyone who can spot both.


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