All right, I’m finally back.

Didn’t get to see much of the White Sox series, but its nice to see our boys get a comeback win.

I’m not ready to annoint Trembley the man for the job. He’s 12-10 thus far. Let’s face, Perlozzo is a pretty easy fact to follow. Trembley’s more flexible with the lineup and the bullpen. Sam, meanwhile, had his line-up chiseled in stone tablets. Trembley’s also lacked Tejada and now Mora. Thought that meritted mentioning.

The bullpen’s been better and not as overworked. I’m still scratching my head over the Scott Williamson release. Did he ask for his release? Was he too injury prone? He definately was overworked.

I did watch Garrett Olsen’s start yesterday. So far so good. I think this kid needs to stay with the club. He almost got into trouble a few times, but managed to find his way out safely. With Trachsel coming back, will Burres go back to pen? Tonight’s a big start for Burres. If he has a rough outing, I think that’s what happens.

Mora’s on the 15 Day DL. Thus the patchwork infield gets patchier with Bynum also dinged up.

Jon Knott is back with the club. I almost wept when I heard. I’m hoping he gets enough of a look this time to see if he can help this team or not. He did good on his first call up. The second one was an embarrassingly short one. Why have him up here, when we’ve got Jay Gibbons, right?

Of course, Trachsel might (and should) get dealt. The trade deadline is coming up and I’m excited to see what happens. A repeat of last season will not be good.

A few names I expect to be moved


Gibbons (I’ll take ANYTHING for him)

Millar (I like Millar, he can stay)

Cabrera (I can’t take it anymore….I give and I give, and you crush me. Let the Ranger fans deal with your befuddling talent)

Ramon? (IF Wieters gets signed…..I think this happens)

Miggi (not til the offseason)

On a personal note, I have been slack with things around here lately. But with my current (and likely soon to be former job), starting packing stuff up here for the move, and having to go through hoops lately with other interviews, I’ve been exhausted and somewhat jaded. Nothing like being told that I’m overqualified for a job and not hear back until a week later from his lackey that I didn’t get the job. Anyways, it looks like I have something and I’ll have to dot the i’s and cross the t’s on Wednesday. It’ll be a better job and better hours (Saturdays AND Sundays off!). So I should be happier and shouldn’t be mailing it as much or skipping posts here. *End of personal business*


2 Responses

  1. Welcome back Ben! The O’s should be OK and I’m guessing they’ll make a few trades, but nothing huge until the off-season.

    Good luck with the job stuff too.

  2. Trade stuff:

    Trachsel: Yes, trade him, try to get something (even a bench guy)

    Gibbons: Nobody’s taking Gibbons with his contract

    Millar: The offer would have to be great. Keep him.

    Cabrera: Expectations be damned, still an effective major league pitcher and a workhorse, those guys are hard to come by. Plus, (I’m silly, I know) I think he’s just having an off year…

    Ramon: No way, one more year

    Miggi: Yes, ASAP. He’ll be pretty old by the time we’re good again…

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