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  • July 2007
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With today’s 2-1 loss against the Rangers, the O’s have stumbled through the season’s first half with a     mark.

Not exactly what I had hoped for.

Here’s some of the notable events thus far.

Sam gets the hook.

This was due. After some time has passed, I feel bad for the guy. That said, the change still had to happen. The befuddling in-game management and use of the bullpen was hard to watch. The thought I had last season was that Perlozzo needed a team to work with before final judgement was made. The team did get somewhat better this season, but all in all, the right move was made. Here’s hoping Sam gets a job, if not within the organization, somewhere coaching 3rd base somewhere.

Girardi and O’s do alittle dance…but nothing more

There was a span of about 10 days where the only thing I had on here was updates about Joe Girardi talking with the O’s about the open managing spot. In the end, I’m not tore up about it. I like Girardi’s no nonsense approach. That said, he’s only been a manager for a year and I think he went to the Dusty Baker school of pitcher managing. Look at the Marlin’s pitchers this season….the ones that still have their arms. I’m not opposed to Girardi, but I don’t think he’s the savior of this franchise.

Trembley takes over

Dave Trembley took over the team after Perlozzo got fired on an interim basis. So far, Trembley has said all the right things and has made alot of the right moves. The team takes infield now, that’s a big deal there. So far, I’m pleased with him. It remains to be seen if he’s the next Earl Weaver. But let’s give the guy the rest of the season and go from there. I’ll say this, I’d much rather someone like Trembley than Don Baylor or some other third chance manager.


Jeremy Guthrie got picked up off waivers from the Indians. In spring training, he had to fight for a spot on the team and after a rash of injuries to the rest of the rotation, he got a default starting spot. Guthrie took it and ran with it. He’s been a joy to watch. In a 102 innings, he’s struck out 74 and has walked only 18. A 4-2 record and a 2.74 ERA is sweet too. Now if this guy would get some run support, he’d have a chance at 18 wins.


I think last night showed that Bedard really got screwed out of an All-Star spot. I don’t really give a damn about the All-Star game since it’s like the high yearbook of baseball basically. The most popular players get in. But if a pitcher is the strikeout leader (149), he sure better be in. Bedard’s been good. 7-4, 3.40 ERA.  But he’s had some of the same problem Guthrie’s had….run support.

Cabrera….who knows

Every season it’s the same song and dance….wait til Daniel Cabrera gets his junk together. He’s gonna be the next Randy Johnson. Hey, I’m tried of waiting. Let’s get with it. 6-10 and 5.04 ERA stinks. 97 strikeouts….great. 61 walks…same old same old.

Injuries….cursed Injuries

Tejada’s chillin on the DL with a cracked wrist, which ended his games played streak. Surprisingly, the team has risen to the occasion. Ramon Hernandez and Jay Payton have had strain issues. The rotation has been the issue with injury. Kris Benson and Adam Loewen are done for the year. Jaret Wright is on the 60 day and Danys Baez had been out.

The Bullpen

The revamped billion dollar bullpen has been a downer. Baez had stunk. Scott Williamson, surprisingly, got DFA’ed. Jamie Walker has been good and Chad Bradford too. Though Bradford seems to walk a fine line at times. As for the holdovers, Chris Ray….not so good. I’m not sold on him at this point. Saves for him have become an adventure. John Parrish came on like gangbusters at the start of the season and then he got busted around by every team he pitched against. The curse of Todd Williams is over.

The offensive offense

The O’s have one of the most listless offenses. The power has been lacking. Brian Roberts and Melvin Mora have been the two bright spots for the offense. Roberts is having an awesome year and Mora has rebounded from a mundane 06. Nick Markakis is turning it back on. Millar can get on base, and for that I thank him But that leads too..

LVP’s….plenty of them

Jay Gibbons….what a rotten year.  .212 average. Good thing he’s got that fat contract now.

Corey Patterson, great defense, great speed….but Good Lord, where’s the bat at.

Paul Bako- I don’t expect a .350 average and 30 HR’s from him at this point. But he’s like the kid in 4th grade kickball….EASY OUT. 33 K’s in an 111 AB. .279 OBP. Granted, he’s supposed to be a defensive specialist, but honestly his defense hasn’t been good either.

Aubrey Huff hit for the cycle, but man, he still hasn’t been that good.

The bench as a whole hasn’t been good.

So more or less, that’s it for the first half. It’s been a bit of a downer, but there’s always the second half. If the rotation can keep it up and the offense can get it together….maybe…just maybe the second half will be better.

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