Olson debuts tomorrow

Garret Olson makes him major league debut tomorrow.

Olson’s minor league stats.

Olson may only make one start because Trachsel will be able to make his next start after the All-Star break. I’m crossing my fingers that Olson has a dynamic debut where it would make it hard to send him down. Of course, the following could happen:

Trachsel off DL, back in the rotation. Olson stays in rotation; Burres to long relief.

I’d be opposed to that because Burres has proved to me that he deserves to be a starter. That performance on Saturday where he went 7.2 innings after he looked like he was done in 6th was guts. Give me someone like Burres over Trachsel anyday.

Trachsel has surprised this season, but he’s pitched over his head. His stinkage as of late may or may not be related his butt sprain. What I’m hoping for that Trachsel is traded immediately after he comes off the DL.

Places I think Trachsel can end up at

St. Louis (the favorite in my opinion by a mile)

Cincy (a trade for Trachsel won’t right their ship)

Atlanta (second to St.Louis, in my opinion)

San Franciso

Philly or Houston, maybe

Notice they’re all NL team.

I don’t expect to get much for Trachsel, but something’s better than nothing.

Its time for me to finally say this, but I’m turning off my recording of “Give Daniel Cabrera time. He’s something special. He just needs to mature and get his head in the game a little more. He’s got nasty stuff. If he ever gets though walks down watch out.”

I’m not saying that he’s never going to ever not be something special special, but this seems like the 39th season I’ve thought this. If some sucker saavy team like the Rangers want to swap Teixiera for Cabrera, do it. I’m not advocating trading him just to trade him, but its time to shop him alittle.


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