Catching up

It’s been a busy weekend, thus no posts until now.

Have to give a tip of the cap to Aubrey Huff. It’s been a very forgettable season for Huff. There’s been many times this season, where Huff has caused us anguish at the plate. Two men on and two outs, he hits a massive pop-up, or…that cursed third strike looking.

I’d always hear on the telecast that Huff is always a slow starter. He starts out poorly and gets it together after a month or so. Hearing that gets old pretty quick. Fans want results, not excuses. Needless to say, I was down on Huff.

Friday night though, Huff went down in O’s history books. I caught the last half of the game and I gotta say, it was great seeing something good happen for this team…even if we lost. Aubrey Huff became only the third Oriole in team history to hit for the cycle; joing the two gods of the franchise…Cal Ripken Jr. and Brooks Robinson.

Seeing Huff getting the standing O and the curtain call was great stuff. We haven’t seen anything like at the yard in awhile. Congrads to Huff and I hope this marks that late start we keep hearing about.

Really quick

  • Chris Ray….sometimes its better to be lucky than good, in Ray’s case I think his luck has run out.
  • Brian Burres went almost 8 inning Saturday.
  • Paul Shuey and his epic living mustache saved their first game since 2003. Good for him, he looked a lot better than say, Chris Ray. Not saying that Shuey is the answer, its only one game. He did look a lot better than Ray and let’s face it, Ray sucks right now.
  • Brian Roberts is the O’s only All-Star. Miggi wasn’t going to be since he’s hurt. Erik Bedard should be and I’ve got a softspot for Jeremy Guthrie.
  • Guthrie had his ‘worst’ start for the O’s today. He went 8 innings, sadly he didn’t get run support….again.

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