Jeremy Guthrie has been awesome for the O’s this season. Last night was one of his ‘lesser outings,’ if you could possibly call going 6.1 innings, giving up 7 hits and 2 runs, striking out 6 and walking 1 a lesser outing. Guthrie has been a great great pickup from waivers. If Guthrie would get a little run support, chances are he’d have 10 wins. In his ten starts, he’s been consistently great. I was worried that after 4 or 5 starts he’d fizzle. So far though, so good. He had great stuff against the Yankees lineup last night. I don’t care if the Yanks are struggling, that lineup can destory a pitcher still.

The Post has a write up about our boy here.

Tejada’s out for a month. It makes that trade look very unlikely at this point.

Tejada had this to say about interim manager Dave Trembley

“Trembley is doing a great job,” Tejada said. “I think that something that he has been doing is respect the players, talk to the players. Everybody is happy with what Trembley is doing. I think the guys are just giving a chance to him because he really respects us. It’s something different that he’s doing now. The team really responds to him. You saw it in Arizona. They really played hard.”

Let’s wait for the honeymoon period to pass before we hand Trembley the job. Granted, I like what he’s done thus far….but its too early to annoint this guy Earl Weaver just yet. I think I caught a swipe or two at Sam in those quotes.

Mazzone: I’m not going anywhere

Leo says in an article in the Sun that he’s staying put

“The way I look at it now is I love this city, I love this pitching staff and I hope to finish my career here,” Mazzone said in his first public comments since Perlozzo’s firing.

This pitching staff has a chance to be something real special, and we have pitchers on this staff that have a chance to pitch at a championship-caliber level. So I am looking forward to seeing them progress and to get ourselves in the thick of something.”

This is really good news. I thought that after Perlozzo got the boot, Leo would walk.

“There is too much [talent] on this pitching staff, the groundwork has been laid, and I want to be a part of it for a long time,” he said.


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