Cal on the State of the O’s

Cal spoke today.

A few highlights:

“There’s a lot of frustration, not only on the field or around the Oriole organization. The people around here just want a winner in the worst possible way,” Ripken said today during a teleconference held by TBS. “And the frustration really comes out loud and clear when changes are made.”

On the constant turnover in the Oriole Organization

“I think the change might give some hope in the initial stages, but it just seems like it’s part of the ongoing environment of the change, which is not good for the players, it’s not good for the fans, it’s certainly not good for management to keep switching around,” Ripken said.

On freshly hired Andy MacPhail 

“Andy MacPhail has a nice resume coming in, a good resume with Minnesota, a good resume with Chicago,” Ripken said. “Coming in it’s going to be a difficult task, to evaluate what’s there and what’s not. But certainly from the outside you could make a case that here’s someone that has done it before, and if anyone had the ability to come in and start to put together a stable environment, it could be him.”

Quote of the day:

Great article on the epidemic of bandwagon Red Sox fans in the Globe.

Here’s the quote.

’Seriously, the Red Sox are like, the universal language of the people,’ says Sarah, who came to Monday’s game from Spokane with her friends Christina and Jodi – all transplants from Connecticut. ‘You want to root for them – especially here in Seattle, because the Mariners suck.’

I think a part of my brain just died and I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit…or a lot.


2 Responses

  1. It used to be wherever you’d go — even France! — you’d see Yankee caps everywhere. Now, here in Madison, Wisconsin, I see just as many Red Sox hats.

    My O’s cap is just about the only one in town.

  2. I know how it is. Down here in Greenville, you used to see a lot of Yankee hats. Which is ironic, being the south and all. But now that Boston is the new darling and we have a Red Sox affiliate in town, Red Sox caps are all you see. I think I’m one of the only ten people in the city who wears an Orioles hat.

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