A couple O things

From the New Yawk Post

When the Orioles settle their managerial situation after being spurned by Joe Girardi, they will become a more active seller in the trade market. They definitely will try to deal Steve Trachsel and underachieving Jay Gibbons, and might consider moving Miguel Tejada if he is healthy and can still bring a strong return. However, most interesting is that Baltimore might consider dealing talented-but-erratic Daniel Cabrera, especially if it would help land Maryland native Mark Teixeira from Texas.

I try to avoid the Teixeria talk on here or keep it to a minimum…but my hand has now been forced. Teixeria has repeatedly said he wants to come home and play in Baltimore. It’d be a dream come true, his words..not mine. I’d love to get him. However, He’s a free agent after next season. Getting him now isn’t going cure everything that ails this time. I’ve come to grips that Cabrera should be traded IF THE PACKAGE IS RIGHT. Cabrera may get and become Randy Johnson. But there’s a better chance he’ll always be what he is now, a streaky frustrating son of gun. If you trade Cabrera, trade him for someone else and sign Teixera after next season.  As for trading Trachsel and Gibbons… that’s a no-brainer.

The Chicago Tribune has  this

MacPhail’s hiring by owner Peter Angelos was definitely a blow to the GM tandem of Mike Flanagan and Jim Duquette,who didn’t know their boss was talking to MacPhail until it was reported.

I’m guessing Flanny and Duquette might be updating their resumes right now. This doesn’t really upset me.

It appears it is MacPhail, more than Flanagan and Duquette, who will make the calls about deadline trades as Baltimore builds around left-hander Erik Bedard and right fielder Nick Markakis,arguably the only two untouchables in the troubled organization. MacPhail received promises of autonomy from Angelos, whom he had gotten to know while they served on MLB’s negotiating team in the 2002 and ’06 labor talks.

In Chicago, where MacPhail was split between the business side of the franchise and the baseball side, he always insisted his general managers, Ed Lynch and Jim Hendry,called the shots. But in Baltimore, he has made it clear he’s the guy other teams should deal with.

“It’s important to have one voice,” MacPhail said. “You’re looking for all the help you can get, all the research you can get. But it has to be clear who is responsible, who’s accountable.”

It would be surprising to see Duquette leave in the offseason and then to Flanny moved to some other role in the team. This is going to be MacPhail’s show and its clear this ‘2-headed GM’ thing doesn’t work with him.

Don’t be surprised if one of the first things MacPhail does is find a way to dump center fielder Corey Patterson,a painful reminder of his failures in Chicago.


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  1. A lot of this are things I said about a week ago in my Orioles blog.

    Baltimore Orioles Baseball

    Flanagan will be somewhere in the organization, maybe in a post dealing with labor between Management and the Players. Duquette will probably be release to explore other options.

    The Orioles of August and especially September will look a lot different than it does today and the one that takes the field in 2008 will have a major difference than 2007.

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