Trembley Shakes things up

Dave Trembley’s stint as O’s interim manager may be short-lived with the specter of Girardi and Johnson looming overhead, but I got to give it to the guy. He’s making this situation his own.

From Roch’s great blog:

Tonight’s line-up shows a shake-up

Brian Roberts – 2B

Corey Patterson – CF 

Nick Markakis – RF

Miguel Tejada – SS

Aubrey Huff – 1B

Melvin Mora – 3B

Jay Payton – LF

Paul Bako – C

Steve Trachsel

Patterson batting second. That’s ballsy. It could work or it could not. Patterson’s confidence is probably very low and something like this could help him get some confidence back up. Maybe Trembley’s saying “I’m not going to let you accept batting 8th, you’re better than that.” It didn’t work with the Cubs, but hey, we need to shake things up.

Other Trembley moves:




“We need to return to doing things the right way,” interim manager Dave Trembley said, stressing the importance of repetition.

Why this team didn’t take infield before baffles me.

Trembley also stressed the fact that O’s will run when on base and run often.

I like this quote from him:

Trembley’s baseball philosophy, as he repeated today, is “Be on time, be professional and respect the game.”

I think the O’s shouldn’t be quick to be pull the trigger. I think he’ll be an interim manager, maybe a week maybe a month. I’d like the guy to get a fair shake. But he says the right things right now and is shaking things up. Let’s see what this guy can do.


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